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  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    In "edit driver" in build mode, enter the following names:

    Fast Mode - FSTFRWRD
    Get grapple power ups only - RPCRNLY
    Get reversed rocket racer run track - LNFRRRM
    Rocket Car- FLYSKYHIGH

    Enter the following as a name for your racer and test drive:

    nmrchts - disable cheats
    nchsss - drive with no chassis
    ndrvr - drive with no driver
    nslwj - drive with no slowing down
    nwhls - drive with no wheels
    mxpmx - maximum power-ups always
    flyskyhgh - non stop double rockets
    pgllgrn - play with only green power-ups
    pgllrd - play with only red power-ups
    pgllyll - play with only yellow power-ups

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Use the following driver names in the edit driver in build mode
    FLYSKYHIGH - Rocket Car
    NWHLS - No Wheels car
    NCHSSS - No chassis or bricks
    FSTFRWRD - Turbo Mode
    MXPMX - Max Power Ups Always
    RPCRNLY - Get grapple power ups only
    PGLLGRN - Get turbo power ups only
    PGLLYLL - Get mine power ups only
    PGLLRD - Get shooter power ups only
    LNFRRRM - Get reversed rocket racer run track
    NSLWJ - Keep speed while off track
    NDRVR - No driver
    NMRCHTS - clear all cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by gasman17

    Huge Tires

    When selecting tires press c-down,c-right,c-right,z then c-left

  • N64 | Submitted by phsycAcree

    More Secret Passages

    In the very first race shoot the pile of barrels against the right tunnel wall on a left turn to reveal a secret passageway.
    In "Desert adventure dragway" level in the first circuit you first go thru a tunnel-thingy and then go on a road that winds around in the sand. on the second zig-zag there is a big carving of a statue on a giant slab of stone. if you shoot that it will slowly open and get you pretty far ahead.
    In the islander's track on the second circuit, after you pass the alligators you go up a hill and then turn left. you will see a cave ahead. stay as far to the left and you will find a narrow tunnel after entering the cave.
    On the ice planet track on the second circuit after you go thru the tunnel in the beggining you exit into a large opening that curves to the left. as the opening reaches another cave, stay to the left and when you go upwards you will see a narrow path leading up thru the icy wall. this path not only gains you places in the race, but also has three rainbow power-ups.
    On the amazon track in the second circuit go thru the waterfall at the beginning.
    On the alien track at the end of the third circuit; after passing the tower that zaps you as you go by in the tunnel, shoot the right-side corner of the first turn. (It looks like a door)by the way, in the beginning get the blue power-up from the first row (you can see it from the starting line)and acticate it emediately. this way you won't be affected by the u.f.o.
    On "Pirate Skull Pass" in the third circuit, after going thru the green tunnel you start to head downwards and turn to the left. Once you get down enough to see the beach flatten and turn left, merge left into a narrow tunnel that skips the u-turn path of the beach. this also contains power-ups.

  • N64 | Submitted by Best Game Player

    Shortcuts and Cheats

    Imperial Grand Prix---
    Shoot the barells with a cannon ball or with a lightining wand power up.
    ---Dark Forest Dash---
    On the begining after passing 3 curves you will see a white brick stay to the left then
    after passing the white brick quick turn left
    and you find a secret passageway.
    ---Magma Moon Marathon---
    1 First Pick a blue power-up then after passing the lava field use the power-up on your left you will see bricks flashing blue then drive straigt to the bricks then you will enter a secret passageway
    2 after passing the craters you will see gates with lights it's blue and red gates pass those then you will see a space station in the right of the station you will see 3 bricks with blue and colors if it's blue,red,blue in the second lap pass under the gates in this order blue gate,red gate,blue gate then the space station will open to reveal a short cut.
    ---Desert Dragway---
    1 shoot the door of the big pyramid.
    2 shoot the sphinx.
    ---Tribal Island Trail---
    1 In a hill with two tribal statues.
    2 On the left part of the cave.
    ---Knights Kingdom Raceway---
    after the waterfall tou will find a cave.
    ---Ice Planet Pathway---
    1 After a arch of ice.
    2 In the big curve inside the cave.
    ---Amazon Trail---
    Behind the waterfall.
    ---Knightmare Athon---
    ---Pirate Skull Pass---
    After 8 curves stay on the left.
    ---Adventure Temple Trail---
    Behind the left statue on the starting grid
    ---Alien Asteroid Pathway---
    Shoot The door
    ---Rocket Racer Run---
    Shoot the door of metal to earn a free warp turbo.

  • N64 | Submitted by TTTHHHEEEEE MMMAAANNN

    Big Head Mode

    At the main menu screen push c-up, c-down, c-left, c-right, R, L, Z, than start a game and you will have big heads

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Rocket Racer Run- Shoot the large door before the fork in the road and a portal will be opened!
    Magma Moon Marathon- Read the colors after the large glass door. Use those in the lighted doorways to open the glass door on the next lap! Also after u come out of the tunnel, use a shield and you will see a glowing area of the wall! You will be able to go through it!
    Dark Forest Dash- Right before the water fall to your right I think there is a passageway!

  • N64 | Submitted by Joseph Chammas

    Get Hosting Champions Cars

    Everytime you beat a circuit you get new blocks to build racers and cars.You can make the hosting champions and their cars.e.g.If you beat Captain Redbeard,go to the build option then make Captain Rebeard and then when your building your car select he pirate chassis(type of car)and then go to quick build once or twice.

  • N64 | Submitted by JDOG

    Turbo Start

    Tab A at the start of the race