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    Leedmees Achievements

    Achievement List

    Lesson Complete (5 points)
    Clear all stages in "A New Morning".

    Veteran Player (5 points)
    Clear all stages in "High Noon".

    Thanks for the Memories! (10 points)
    Clear all stages in "A Sleepless Night".

    The More the Merrier! (10 points)
    Clear a multiplayer stage.

    Every Day's a Party! (10 points)
    Clear all multiplayer stages.

    SSSSSSS! (20 points)
    Clear 7 or more stages with Rank S.

    Gold Stamp (20 points)
    Clear all the stages in a world (except for "A New Morning") with Rank S.

    World Domination (20 points)
    Clear all singleplayer stages with Rank S.

    Miracle Carnival (20 points)
    Clear all multiplayer stages with Rank S.

    Five-Star Restaurant (20 points)
    Lead 5 Leedmees with stars to the goal point simultaneously.

    The Destined Duo (30 points)
    Attain Rank S 5 times in a row in multiplayer stages.

    Savior of the Leedmees (30 points)
    Lead 2,000 Leedmees to goal points.