KISS Psycho Circus Cheats

KISS Psycho Circus Cheats

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To become invincible, at the start menu. hold L+R and press A,A,B,B,X

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Chris Croff

    Hidden music

    Turn on the Dreamcast without a disc. At the Dreamcast main menu, choose "music" to access the CD player and then isert your kiss game and close the lid and a image of the disc should come up and push play. tracks 4 and higher is music by Kiss

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    During play press the ~ key to get the console then type in one of the following codes

    GimmeGimmeGimme - Get all weapons

    Invuln - Invincibility

    NoClip - No Clipping mode

    Spectator - Flying Mode

    NoTarget - Monsters ignore you

    NextArmor - More armor and health

    PrevArmor - Less armor and health

    NextMonster - Next Monster

    PrevMonster - Previous Monster

    CyclePlayerClass - 4 Player classes toggle

    RestartLevel - Start level over

    Debug 1 - ?????????????

    Debug 2 - ?????????????

    CameraLock - Lock Camera

    Get any inventory item, weapon, or full health

    Start a game (new or saved) and press ~ [that little sqiggly line above the TAB key] to enable the console. type GIVE (you don't need the caps) and press enter. Now a menu will pop up showing you all the items, weapons, or ammo you can get. Now read the format and you should be all set.