King Of Devil's Island poster exclusive

Stellan Skarsgård can legitimately put 'star of billion dollar franchise' onto his CV following the success of The Avengers .

Sadly, there were too many superheroes to shove on the one-sheet of Joss Whedon's action-spectacular to find space for Skarsgård's supporting scientist.

Thankfully, Stellan's front and centre of the exclusive poster we've got our paws on.

[ Click on the poster to see it in hi-res ]

King Of Devil's Island stars Skarsgård as the sadistic Bestyreren, the governor of island-based boys home Bastoy.

When new boy Erling (Benjamin Helstad) arrives on the island he immediately resolves to escape. But can Erling beat Bestyreren and his army of cruel guards?

King Of Devil's Island is released on 29 June in the UK.