Justice League: Chronicles Cheats

Justice League: Chronicles Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Nick

    No Damage

    Hi everyone! Alright, I have an awesome cheat for you, it's a way to have NO DAMAGE done to you, with no strings attached! [meaning you don't have to use a Gameshark or anything.] Alright, this is what you do. First, make sure you are a character that can fly, then press the B button two or three times, I can't remember how many, and then all you have to do is fly over your enemies and your partner defeats the enemy, but this won't work if it's like in Savage Time, where Wonder Woman destroys the kryptone, and when Superman has to destroy the tank, this WILL NOT WORK, also this WILL NOT WORK on bosses either.

  • GBA | Submitted by Chris Baum

    Beat Boss easier

    When you get to the boss in Savage Time to beat him just go to the Box with the Lighting symbol and hit it with your heat vision if you are Superman. It will explode and Savage will come out killing him is easier all you have to do is punch him a few times.

  • GBA | Submitted by Cory Morrel

    Character Weapon Hints

    When you play as Green Lanturn,Martian Manhunter, or any other character. When you attack your enemies, press and hold A after you press A twice and your Character will unleash a hidden weapon. Examples. Green Lanturn unleashes a green fist from his power ring. Martion Manhunter unleashes a Psychic energy Circle.

  • GBA | Submitted by Cory Morrel

    Unlock Martian Manhunter

    When you complete all 3 Episodes in story mode,(Dark Winter,Trial in Ape City,Savage Time) Martian Manhunter will be unlocked and you can play as him in watchtower combat training.