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Jonathan Coulton is still alive, writing new song for Portal 2

GLaDOS may never win a Grammy or make the cut in American Idol, but her (its?) 'Still Alive' endgame song is nevertheless counted as one of the geekiest / greatest contributions to the gaming music scene. Now the musician responsible for its composition, Jonathan Coulton, has confirmed that he'll be penning a new song for Portal, provided that he too is still alive...

Yesterday, the New York City musician confirmed his involvement in Valve's sequel through a tweet: “Closing the doors. If this plane goes down, the Portal 2 song goes with it. It is in my pocket...”

Since we've yet to hear about any Jonathan Coulton candlelight vigils, we can safely assume that his plane landed, and he's alive and well and months away from debuting a follow-up to this extremely catchy tune:

Far from a one hit wonder, Coulton was dabbling in geek culture well before his Portal track, and has released numerous CDs and downloadable tracks since. His full discography and calendar of upcoming performances can be found at his personal site. The next (great?) Portal song will debut with Portal 2 on April 21st.

Jan 14, 2011

[Source: ShackNews]

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