Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Cheats

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Tigercat

    Sniping now harder

    This is just a quick tip for the Delta Force players looking to buy Joint Ops. Sniping is now much harder. The rangefinder has been removed from the scope so you have to use your binoculars to get the range. Also, there is a lot of armor and fast moving vehicles, and its very hard to snipe people out of these vehicles once they get moving (the most common sniper uses now is shooting chopper pilots before they can take off).

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Water cheat

    Whenever you are playing a tkoth or aas game where the zone has water, you should do this. Go in the body of water, float to the top, then just look down. This will make it appear as though you are completely submerged beneath the water and will make it difficult for your enemies to see you unless they are specifically looking at the water.

  • PC | Submitted by seargeant_wolf

    Tip: Fit more people on vehicles

    If you need to transport more people than the cars, boat or helicopter's seating capacity, just have other people stand on various parts of the vehicle and they can get to where they are going faster instead of waiting for another ride. (WARNING!! not recommended that you try this on helicopters)

  • PC | Submitted by Joseph

    Hint: Faster reloading on some weapons

    On some snipers and machine guns you can speed reloading time by doing this: reload the weapon, in a certain period of time change to another weapon then instantly switch back. The Reloading sound would probably be finished after you do this.

    Note: to calculate the time it takes until you can do a quick reload is by looking at the third person view [Default f4] and watch the character reload, when you see the weapon go to shooting position that's when press the reload button. This also works in the previous Black hawk down game too!

  • PC | Submitted by NiGhTsTiCk

    Easy Base Capture

    In the level with the two islands, there is an easy way to capture the first base. Go to your second base (A or D), and park an armored vehicle in the large helicopter. Have a driver and a gunner in the armored vehicle. Get someone to pilot the heli and you're set. You take the chopper and hover over the entrance of their first base. The armored vehicle then pulls out in mid-air. The driver then pulls into the entrance so that the car in partially inside of the base. The opposing team immediately stops spawning there, and overrunning the base becomes much easier.