John Singleton has Remorse

A Tom Clancy spy thriller doesn’t seem like the sort of film that John Singleton would normally go for. But the man behind Four Brothers is a big Clancy fan – and he’ll get to demonstrate his love for the writer by writing and directing an adaptation of the novel Without Remorse for Paramount.

The book’s plot focuses on former Navy SEAL and CIA spook John Kelly, AKA Mr Clark, who first appears in Clear And Present Danger (in the movie version, he’s played by Willem Dafoe).

A previous attempt to film the 1993 novel was scuppered and shut down during preproduction in 1995. Singleton obviously believes he’ll have more luck.

"Clancy is one of the best-selling authors of all time, but a lot of people don't understand that there's also a whole population of people who know him from the video game world through his Splinter Cell games," Singleton told Variety.

No cast has been announced yet, but Singleton has indicated he wants to cast someone young and upcoming. Mark Wahlberg and Paul Walker, put your hands down. Now.