Jet X20 Cheats

Jet X20 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by berney the man

    To Get the 2nd Watercraft (With Anyone)

    First start the career mode (2nd one down) start a new game and pick the character that you want to have the 2nd watercraft and start the game beat the levels (by the most points and make sure your in 4th place or higher with a lot of points) and when you win you have to go to the next level and do the same thing but get even more points and get 3rd place or higher and for the last level WHOA GET SUPREME POINTS and get second or higher and the board that tells you what you have won it will say a new watercraft and a new character and other crappy stuff and when you go to do it again it will have a difficulty select go to pro mode and do it all over again you have to be the water craft that you unlocked, beat the levels and tada you got the third water craft you have the super super super super super super watercraftyeah

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Extra-Boost for Your Craft

    I found a really helplful (if not big) hint. when you're holding down x, (obviously!)if u press triangle, it will give u a boost. this will help on turns when your regular boost is too much. this could also be helpful at the finish line, though I would use my bigger boost for the finish line (it's too much of a risk not to sometimes)

  • PS2 | Submitted by stephen sorrell jr

    How to Get Third Craft on Amateur Level

    Ok this is what you do go to world tour make a rider profile. then pick any rider you want it works on all of them. start a race (quit the race then when you get to the craft selection go to the last craft leave out .then go back to world pick "resume" then when you race you will have the third craft.
    Note: you cant just pick the craft any time you like the others you have to beat pro level and you can ride on it all you want

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Fast Start

    Hold X+Square and press the Left Analog stick down Right When the Go! appears on the screen

  • PS2 | Submitted by Mr.Cheat

    Mega Turbo

    When you begin press and hold "DOWN" on your d-pad before the three, two, one, go countdown, right after the countdown when it says go while pressing down the down button, press SQUARE+X at the same time.
    Sometimes the first one might not work but after a few times it will work sometimes it might even give give you the full thing. If it doesn't work just restart and do it again.