James Bond: 007 Agent Under Fire Cheats

James Bond: 007 Agent Under Fire Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

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    What You get- Finish this Level With this rank

    Golden CH-6 Precious Cargo Gold
    Golden grenade power-up Night Of The Jackal Gold
    Golden clip power-up Cold Reception Gold
    Golden bullet power-up Poseidon Gold
    Unlimited car missiles Dangerous Pursuit Gold
    Unlimited Golden gun ammunition Evil Summit Gold
    Rapid fire power-up Fire And Water Gold
    Lotus Esprit car Streets Of Bucharest Gold
    Regenerative armor power-up Mediterranean Crisis Gold
    Stealth Bond skin in for multi-player Dangerous Pursuit Platinum + all 007 icons
    Golden accuracy power-up Bad Diplomacy Gold
    Golden gun in for multi-player Precious Cargo Platinum + all 007 icons
    Golden Gun Trouble In Paradise Gold
    Rocket Manor for for multi-player level Trouble In Paradise Platinum + all 007 icons
    Guard skin in for multi-player Cold Reception Platinum + all 007 icons
    Cyclops Oil guard skin in for multi-player Poseidon level Platinum + all 007 icons
    Carrier guard multi-player skin Evil Summit Platinum + all 007 icons
    Poseidon guard skin in for multi-player Mediterranean Crisis Platinum + all 007 icons
    Alpine guard skin in for multi-player Streets Of Bucharest Platinum + all 007 icons
    Full arsenal in for multi-player Forbidden Depths Platinum + all 007 icons
    Gravity boots in for multi-player Bad Diplomacy Platinum + all 007 icons
    Viper gun in for multi-player Night Of The Jackal Platinum + all 007 icons
    Calypso gun in for multi-player Fire And Water Platinum + all 007 icons

James Bond: 007 Agent Under Fire Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Keater Peter Pumkin Eater

    Extra Health and Ammo

    Ok, here it goes. When your in the Night of the Jackal stage, and your looking for the doctor, you will find her at an elevator. Go into the elevator. When the elevator stops, get out a gun (if you didn't have one out) quickly. There is a guard on the level above you. Take him out, then in front of you, you will see a gas barrel, shoot it, you should see body armor and some ammo.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Passage

    In the level called "Cold Reception", go to where you find the blueprints. Go to that picture of a girl and hit the "A" Button The door will open and you can get body armor and a huge gun.

  • GameCube | Submitted by frost

    Get a Rocket Launcher

    In the first level use your Q claw on the little thing on top at the begging when you see the first guard punch him don't shoot him and take his pass and go to the first door and use the pass and you will get a rocket launcher and a set of grenades

  • GameCube | Submitted by SMMskate11

    Alternate Posiedon Ending

    In Posiedon, when you reach the room with the trip lasers and the guys in the white suits, go down the stairs and then turn left. There should be an open door. Go in the door and you will find a room in the middle door of the hallway. Kill the guard and there is a verification code card on the left desk. Get it and then finish the level normally. On the end cut scene Bond will talk to Zoe, enter the verification number on the computer, and Bond and Zoe will....you know, "do it!" And on the next level you won't start in the brig. (If you don't get the verification code card, at the cut scene, Bond and Zoe will faint from gas and on the next level, you will start in the brig.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by einstein

    Points/easy way to pick off snipers

    On the last level (evil summet) kill the sniper guards by using the sniper rifle you find in the building next to you. Aim at the snipers heads and switch to the p2k then press Z and shoot (do this to all of them). Go up to the tower with the green light and use your q remote and keep pressing b while aiming where the green light was and you'll keep getting the 007 bonous. do this 30 or 40 times then finish the level and youll get gold. You can also do this on the poesiden level where you raise the core temperature etc..

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to get mrl-22 in "trouble in paradise"

    First enter through the ventilation tower with your Q-claw then jump down onto the floor but stay behind the guy typing on the computer then get out your fist and punch him from behind then you will see a red key card on the desk pick it up decrypt the door in front of the computer walk over to the amory door and there will be a slot to stick the keycard into then the door will open and a rocket launcher and 4 grenades will be in there. ENJOY!!!!!!!

James Bond: 007 Agent Under Fire Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Logan E. F.

    Rapid Fire the easy way

    Go to a level with no guys at the beginning, just so you can practice. Use the Golden PP7. Put on the sinester(z).When James Bond starts screwing on the sinester press and hold the L button. Aim at a target, then press and hold down the R button. You MUST be holding down the R button before James Bond finishes screwing on the sinester. If you do not want the sinester on,but still want rapid fire than put on the sinester. Then take it off. While James Bond is unscrewing the sinester Press and hold the L button, aim at a target, then press and hold the R button. Remember, you MUST be holding down the R button before James Bond is finished unscrewing the sinester. If you are fast enough, the code should work. When you run out of ammo or stop shooting the rapid fire will stop. If you want to turn it back on do the steps again.