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If Sonic was a human...

What would Sonic be like if he were a man, not a hedgehog? Something like this, we'd imagine. A fan-made flash game has been produced, which sees Sonic and Blaze crash-land on Earth and transform into humans.

Above: Sonic collects stars instead of rings. Otherwise, it's all familiar

There are still loops, badniks, twisty strips (I refuse to call them mobius strips - those are something you find in washing machines) and physics-based platforming, just with settings like London and the Alps instead. They've even replicated the old spike death glitch. Very commendable.

The game seems to play quite slowly even on the lowest setting but, that aside, its physics are remarkably similar to those of the old Mega Drive games. Not bad for an in-browser Flash application.

Above: Blaze as a woman, in her spring animation. In... London

Try it outhereif you fancy playing it.

21 Apr, 2010

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