Hoyle Casino '99 Cheats

Hoyle Casino '99 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by PATRICK WHALIN (puffpady@aol.com)

    Free money!!!!!!

    What you do is open one game and go to blackjack.When you are there, minimize the game and start a new one. With this new one, you bet all your money. Did you win????? If so great, If not, GREAT!!!!! If you lost, close that whole game, and pop up the old one. You'll have the same amount of money!!!!! To win more money minamize that game and play the new one. YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMIZED GAME AT ALL TIMES!!!!!! -HAVE FUN!!!!

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Money Tip

    When you enter into the casino go straight to russian roulette. When you first start out you should have $5000. Bet all the money you have on a number. If you win you will end up with 180,000 dollars. if you lose just keep on reseting your character and keep on guessing that same number. It may take a few seconds it may take a lil longer but you will eventually get it right. When you win go to the high black jack table in the middle of the casino and bet you 180,00 dollars on your hand. If you win you will have about 450,000 dollars. if you do like i did and bet your 450,00 dollars when you win you will end up with 880,000 dollars. if it dosent work then keep trying and you could get lucky like me.

Hoyle Casino '99 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by jondavid

    Progressive Slots Out of Order

    Ever played Hoyle Casino 99 and you find yourself ready to use the CD as a clay pigeon cause it keeps taking your hard earned cyber-money? Relax,its just a game but there is a way to beat the system :-) This one may take some time, a few seconds or a few minutes, but its worked everytime for me so have faith.
    When you want to earn some easy money use the tool bar in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to to these steps:
    1) Click "games"
    2) Click "Slots"
    3) Click "Progressive" (its the last machine in the list)
    4) Click "$100 dollar machine"

    You may not see it on your first try but if you continously repeat the four steps listed you will eventually see a progressive slot machine that has an "Out of Order" sign on it. You can still put money in and play the machine but the coolest thing is that the payout is several times greater than a normal machine. You can easily turn your starting bankroll of 5K into 50 or more thousand in a few seconds on that out of order machine.
    It may take a few minutes to get the out of order machine but once you do its worth it!