How to make moving fun for the whole family with Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Looking to get the whole family moving as we head into the winter months? Ring Fit Adventure is the brilliant Nintendo Switch game that will keep everyone in your house entertained. 

Ring Fit Adventure is Nintendo’s innovative software that is designed to be easily shared among family and friends, turning exercise into a party with a whole host of excellent mini-games that offer up as many laughs as they do challenges. 

Whether it’s trying to break as many boxes as quickly as possible in Crate Crasher, glide through rings in Aerochute, or hoover up points while tight-rope walking in Bank Balance, Ring Fit has a huge array of minigames that can get a party started and the family moving.

It’s not just minigames either, as Ring Fit also has a Rhythm Game, which lets you dance along to a bevy of classic Nintendo tracks, including the absolute bop that is Jump Up, Super Star! If you can’t get the whole family dancing around to that anthem, then you also have plenty of other songs from Ring Fit to choose from, letting you create your own living room rave. 

Of course, there’s the titular Adventure mode as well, which is a compelling story that sees your hero chasing down to the villainous Dragaux, a body-building dragon who needs to be defeated. It’s suited to both playing on your own or sharing the journey, enjoying the story while taking on the challenges as a team.  

And, at £69.99, it’s an affordable way to keep the family moving all year round. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get moving with Ring Fit Adventure.