How about having actual 9mm bullets instead of buttons on your 360 pad?

If you're a fan of first-person shooters, or third-person shooters... or just shooting things in general, you'll be wanting one of these. One bright spark on internet craft market Etsy has set up a shop for Xbox 360 controllers with a neat little modification: The ABXY buttons have been replaced with real, fired 9mm bullets.

Above: Somewhere in the world there's a bullet with your game on it...

The bullets have been sawn off so you're only getting the blunt end of them, but the size appears to fit the pad's shell very nicely indeed. In fact, they look like they probably play very well.

Above: Should we point out the dirt on the start button? Hmmm...

You can just buy the bullets and a DIY kit to fit them to your existing pad for about $20, or the guy doing the mods will apply his skills to any pad you can pay for and he can buy (so as long as his local store has Hello Kitty Pink, you're good to go) and he'll adjust the fee accordingly. If you're interested, his Etsy page is here.

Justin Towell

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