Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Cheats

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe FAQs

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    Submitted by GrAwL

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Tommi2K4


    More of a hint really. On the third level in England where you have got to free your men if you want to get past the riot police on the over side of the wall next to the sea view inn without fighting there is a fence that you can push over with your bunch units and it takes you to the over side of the town near to the train station

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Marcus The Geezer

    Multiple Cheats

    While playing hold down the "Control" button and type the following cheat codes :-

    broodjekroket - Get 450,000 Euros
    frikandel - More hooligans
    bereklauw - Heal selected units
    mexicanosate - Kill selected Hooligan
    vlammetjes - Kill Unit Selected
    shaslick - Get guns & Bombs
    kipkorn - Make unconsious selected units
    kaassoufle - Go to mouse pointer
    patatmet -
    frietjeoorlogmetuitjes - Play with cops
    stamppot - victory
    boerenkoolmetworst - defeat

    The first code gives you over 450,000 Euros and the last two are for instant victory/defeat. All the others are accepted by the game but i havent had time to find out exactly what they do...