Hey You Pikachu! Cheats

Hey You Pikachu! Cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by Mark Kim

    Togepi's Egg

    Get Togepi's Egg
    First find Abra in the water Oddish level then go help Bulbasaur with his meal and when you start go all the way to the back and you will see a tunnel.(You cannot go in.)Call Pikachu and tell it to go inside and it will pick up Togepi's Egg.Then Abra will take it.

  • N64 | Submitted by HeyYouPikachuMaster


    1. Always be nice to Pikachu. It is good for Pikachu and you.
    2. Don't talk fast, Pikachu may not understand you.
    3. If you aren't sure what to tell Pikachu, usually a screen pops up with purple words, or look at the top of the screen for purple words.
    4. In the trivia game, if you aren't sure who the Pokemon is, (which I think we all have no problem with anyway) take a guess. It is better to guess then to automatically get a wrong answer. Who knows, you may be right!
    5. If you are in these conditions, Pikachu probably won't understand you.
    A. You are crying.
    B. You have just lost teeth and can't talk well.
    C. There are loud noises around you.
    D. You aren't talking into the microphone correctly.
    There may be some other conditions, but to me these are the most common ones.

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Treasure Hunt Secret

    In Treasure Hunt Part 2 (I haven't tried it in Treasure Hunt Part 1) go up into the old pirate fort with pikachu. Go directly to the big cannon. Go by the end of it and the hand icon will appear. Then, with the hand icon still on it, tell pikachu Thundershock. If he heard you, pikachu will thundershock the end of the cannon barrel. Some black smoke will appear by it and you will hear a weird sound. Now go look around and you'll that all of the treasure chests are sitting above ground, ready for pikachu to open!

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Here's a list of the things you can say to Pikachu:

    Hey you, Pikachu!
    Good morning
    Good night
    Go get it
    Let's play
    I choose you
    Come here
    It's over there
    Turn around
    You're so cute!
    Quiz time
    Wake up
    I'm sorry
    Let it go
    How's it taste?
    Go left
    Go right
    Great job
    This way
    Thank you

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Some words to say to Pikachu:

    When playing the fish game and Pikachu has a fish on the line say:
    1. Reel it in!
    2. Pull!
    3. Hang on!
    When playing trivia say the name of the Pokemon on the screen before the 10 seconds are up.
    When playing the Caring for Caterpie game you might tell Pikachu to get a rose out of the tree by saying:
    1. Thunderbolt!
    When on a field trip and Pikachu spots food tell it to:
    1. Taste it!
    2. Eat it!
    When it sees this thing that looks like Oddish say:
    1. Play it!
    When on the Picnic With Bulbasaur and Pikachu finds a food:
    1. Tell Pikachu the name of the food you found.
    Then, if you want Pikachu to call Magnemite say:
    1. Magnemite!
    2. OK!
    When having the pinata party at the top of the screen it may tell you in purple to say a word. You might say:
    1. Swing!
    2. Go Left!
    3. Go Right!
    4. Wrong Way!
    5. Stop!

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    How to get Lucky Hook

    To get the lucky hook first by going to Abra's shop in Orche Woods in Pikachu's Daring Days.If you don't go to the right shop the hook will not be there.Once you enter the shop convince Pikachu to buy the lucky hook.This hook will be able to catch rare pokemon to catch like, Tentacreul,Kingler,Poliwhirl,Seadra,Starmie, and ect.

  • N64 | Submitted by Arielle Prevot and Ben Prevot

    Get Abra's Egg

    Go to Ochre where you get the ingredients for Bulbasuar's stew or soup. Go across the stone bridge and make Pikachu go in the cave. It will come back out with an egg.abra will take back his egg. The egg will be at Abra's shop the next time you go to the shop it will be sitting on the ground. Two or three times after you go to the shop the egg will hatch into a adorable little Togepi.

  • N64 | Submitted by Darren Weets

    What Pikachu hates

    Say Playstation,then Pikachu uses Thunder.
    Say Nintendo 64,then Pikachu uses Thunder Bolt.
    Say Dreamcast,then Pikachu uses Thunder Shock.
    Pikachu really hates these.

  • N64 | Submitted by Goku705

    Little Cheats

    Here are a few words you may say to Pikachu and the description of what it does.
    Say "Fish" and Pikachu will dance.
    Say "Dance" and Pikachu will dance.
    Say "Come here!" and Pikachu will come to you.
    And here are some secret places!
    1. At Ochre, go to "Deep in Ochre Woods" and look at the hills by you. One hill will look different from the others, walk up to it and you will go inside it!! You will find atleast 1 rare item to keep in your house. So far i have only have a bolt and a magnet in it.
    2. Goto "Field Trip Part 2" and walk up to the big tree. Tell Pikachu to came to you and you can go inside. You will end up in Abra's shop. You can buy cool items there.

  • N64 | Submitted by Whit Schallhorn

    Megaphone Game

    If you go to field trip part two, and continuously say "tag, you're it" to PIKACHU until he starts to get angry, then push start, move the control stick to the right untill you have the pokehelper in front of you. Then you push A, select "go home", select "go home" again and when your in the bedroom tell PIKACHU "go to sleep, now"(note that he may just fall asleep without talk, but that's ok too.) and after saving the game the person will say "it's quiet this morning" and the mom will say something about PIKACHU after this there will be a message on tv, you can follow directions from there. If you do this allot, PIKACHU may start a habit of it! Things to say to PIKACHU through MEGAPHONE: "pikachu" "come here" "over here".

  • N64 | Submitted by Drew

    Lots of Money

    Put These stuff in to the colection to get loads of money. (Only 500$ Or Less.
    Spiney Shell CI 200$
    Top CI 500$
    Bannas CI 250$
    Coin CI 100$
    Now For The Rare ones!!!! (1000$ Or Higher!
    Red Gem CI 3000$
    Toy Sword CI 1500$
    Sword CI 20000$
    Yellow Gem CI 2000$
    Blue Gem CI 1000$