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Hexen II Hints

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    You start in a tunnel. Go out into the open, where there's a catapult. First fight the archer, and then you'll see the sheep flying over the wall. There's a door in the wall, but it doesn't open - so how do you get in? Remember the sheep? Climb onto the catapult and jump or swing your sword to activate it. As you go sailing through the air look down. When you are directly over the wall press your "backpedal" key. This will halt your forward velocity and hopefully drop you on top of the wall. This may take a little practice at first, but after you've done it enough times it becomes easy enough.

    When on the wall, jump down to the other side and run back to the door and open it. You're going to need for that door to be open later. Run around in the big courtyard until you get tired and then head through the tunnel. On the other side you'll notice a wall with an area broken out which will let you get through. Go into this area and collect all the goodies. You can also practice your speed-strafe jumping in this area to get onto the ledge in this room, but there's not much up there.

    After getting all the power-ups head back out and open the big door in front of you. This will give you access to the castle but the drawbridge is raised, so you can't get in. That's okay because you don't want in just quite yet. Jump into the water to the left of the drawbridge and swim through the main tunnel until you can reach air again.

    You may have to deal with some hydras while in the water. A nifty way to kill hydras is to lure them after you, then retreat back to dry land. As the Hydra lies idle at the surface of the water, jump exactly on its back and whack it with the sword. It won't be able to fight back.

    Climb out of the moat onto dry land and jump up to the hillside above, dispatching of the Archers. Stand right over the strange human corpse and look straight ahead at the castle. You should be able to see the Mill Key. Remember where it is, because that key is your next goal.

    Swim back though the tunnels but keep your eye out for a small grating on the left that's not quite wide enough to fit through. Strike the grating with your sword to break off enough pieces to widen it, or use the "duck" command to squeeze through. As you swim through this tunnel take the first right and swim up towards air. Hack away at the walls to get out into the room and exterminate the Spiders waiting to ambush you.

    Now run down the hall leading out of this room and take a right. Watch out for the arrows from the auto-crossbow! Immediately take a left up some stairs and then another right and another right again until you reach the auto-crossbow. Use your Vorpal Sword to chop up the auto-crossbow, then head back the way you came. Take the first right which should lead you into a room full of cots. Exit that room into another room which has a sword rack against the wall.

    Look at the wall beside the swords and you should see a section of wall where the textures don't line up. Attack this area of the wall and a door will open up. Don't go in there just yet though. You need to do some housekeeping first. From the secret door look to your left and you should see another room with a ramp. Go up the ramp and turn to your left when you reach the top. Activate the switch which lowers the drawbridge. Even though this isn't absolutely necessary it will help speed thing up later on.

    Now go back to the secret door. At the top you will see another giant crossbow, but this one is friendly. Step on the plate beside it to take control of the crossbow. Once you are in control use your mouse to position the sight on the tower. Start firing away. After four or five shots the old tower should come crumbling down, revealing a teleporter. Just for fun you can shoot the trees and watch them explode too.

    Jump down from the from your firing position and make your way to the teleporter. The teleporter will take you to that small area we saw earlier that contains the Mill Key and a few other power-ups including the Chaos Sphere. Now that we have the Mill Key we have to find the Mill. It just so happens the Mill is located in the first level. To make a long trip short, use the Chaos Sphere to teleport yourself all the way back to the beginning of the level. Head back through the door into Marshland again.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Working At The Mill

    On re-entering Marshland you'll find yourself back in the Skull Wizard's chamber. Instead of going out the way you came in, take the stairs and cross the bridge. Go through the tunnel and emerge into the area where you first found the Vorpal Sword. You may encounter some opposition along the way so deal with

    it the only way you know how. Once in the outdoors area again go back through the right tunnel and into the area with the two teleporters. This time go through the left teleporter. Dispatch the annoying Spiders and Archers and go into the Mill. Walk up to the edge of the yellow water to start crushing the bones. Now go back out and collect the bone dust which can be found under the Mill's drain spout. Also, by taking the ramp up to the high wooden walkway you will find the Magical Urn. You don't want to pass this up.

    Now you must make the trek all the way back to the Skull Wizard's chamber. Jump into the pool of yellow water and the Spell of Mithril will appear before the podium. Get the spell and head back to the second level. Once in the second level head to the castle. This time the drawbridge will be down so walk right on across into the main room. The main room is a treasure trove full of goodies. Hack away at anything that look like wood and collect all the manna and artifacts you see. Now go back to the room where you activated the drawbridge. Another room further up from this one contains a big steaming pot of boiling oil and a Tome of Power. Go to the far corner of this room and drop down through the hole in the floor. Head down this hallway and face the Archer Lord. He can be a tough one to beat so you want to make sure your hit points are at their maximum. Use your Tome of Power!

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    The Final Run

    With the Archer Lord defeated look for the staircase. However, the middle part of the staircase has been knocked out. To get up to the top of the stairs you need to push one of the barrels up into the crevice and jump up on top of it. Jump from the barrel to the upper part of the stairs and put the remaining Archers to rest. Go through the door at the top of the stairs and defeat the Skull Wizard waiting for you in his study. You may notice a floor switch hiding right below the desk. Destroy the desk to gain access to the floor switch which opens up a secret door. Go inside and collect the artifacts and come back out to the study. Walk across the room toward the windows and open them if they aren't open already. Jump up on the ledge and across to the patch of land with the Great Axe. Dive into the water and swim through the tunnel. Swim up to the door on the left and it will automatically change into wood.

    That was the Spell of Mithril at work. You may encounter a Hydra or two along the way and the axe projectiles work wonders in dealing with these hideous beasts. Destroy the wooden door and enter the airtight room containing the Castle Key. Grab the Castle Key and head back out into the water and to your left. Open the door at the very end of the tunnel and find your way back onto dry land. Use the drawbridge to cross the moat and walk back to the main room of the castle. Off to the right is a ramp leading the exit for this level. Throw some axes at the Archers guarding the exit and watch them duck. A better strategy is to bounce your axe missile off the floor so they hit the archer on an up angle. When everything is quiet walk up the ramp and through the doors. Upon exiting you're greeted with a congratulations message.

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    Choosing Your Character

    The first thing you must do is chose a character class. In the demo, two of the four classes are available: The Paladin and the Assassin. Though the Assassin looks cool, I find that the Paladin is more suited to the single player levels. He can dish out more damage and has more hit points, so he can take more of a pounding . He also has better weapons: his fists are more powerful than the Assassin's dagger, and his Vorpal Sword can be used without manna. In contrast the Assassin's crossbow requires manna which at times can be rather scarce. An advanced player could probably do very well with the Assassin's abilities and weaknesses but first-time players should stick with the Paladin.

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    You begin in an outdoors area with two directions to choose from. Walk up one of the ramps and open the door that has stained glass on either side. If you prefer the alternate entrance just punch out the stained glass and barge through the opening. Dispatch those annoying spiders and punch the switch at the side of the room. This will open a door behind you. It may be tempting to jump straight though that door but hold off on the temptation for now. You want to get the Vorpal Sword as soon as possible, and we'll come back to this door a bit later.

    Head out of the spider room the way you came in. When you get to the graveyard again go into the tunnel. Open the door at the end of the tunnel and dispose of any Archers in the next room with your fists. Fighting the Archers at close range with only your fists may be frustrating at first, but with enough practice you'll get a feel for how to dodge and avoid their deadly arrows. When things quiet down you'll notice a couple of barrels in the corner. Smash them open and collect your prizes. The next order of business is opening the other door in this room. Find the switch located on the right column. This will cause the black altar in the middle of the room to swing out to the side. Walk up to the alter and step on the floor-switch which has been exposed.

    With the door now open your path to the Vorpal Sword is clear (except for a few Spiders and Archers). Run through the door and down the hallway, being sure to pick up any Healing Vials along the way. When you reach another outdoor area you'll see the Vorpal Sword straight ahead. Run out, grab it, and run back the way you came back, all the way to the room at the top of the ramps at the level's beginning. Since you're better armed you can now handle the archer guards. Jump though the door you opened earlier and let yourself fall down into the room below. Kill the Archer with a couple of swift strokes and activate the switch he was so diligently guarding. This will open a door in the barred-off room. You can't get in there from here, but don't worry.

    Run all the way back to where you found the Vorpal Sword and dispose of any Archers that remain. At this point you'll notice two paths you can take. Take the right path. Don't forget to pick up a blue manna crystal which is tucked in a corner along that path. You will eventually come to an area where there is an opening to a tunnel and a grassy outcropping on top of the tunnel entrance. On the outcropping is a Chaos Sphere and another Vorpal Sword hidden behind the tree. At first it might seem impossible to reach this area but you can! Hexen II allows for speed-strafing, a feature not found in Quake. By moving forward and strafing at the same time you will run much faster than normal. By speed-strafing and jumping from the little hill on the right you can get onto the grassy outcropping.

    Run through the tunnel and take your sword to any and all opposition. At this point you have two teleporters to choose from. Take the right teleporter at the top of the hill. (If you're an evil character, see if you can push the sheep through first, then telefrag it). At any rate, you'll be teleported into what appears to be a deserted church. By now you know how to fight archers and spiders. Have at 'em.

    When the dust has settled look for a switch and activate it. It will open a door in the ground, so head on down. Weave your way though the dark tunnels until you get to a room with a large wooden crank. This place should look familiar. Activate both switches in this room to open all necessary doors. You should now have access to a hallway with Healing Vials. Head down this hallway and vanquish the Skull Wizard that likes to teleport behind you. You will come to a platform above water. Walk out onto it and trigger the sequence that reveals the Bones of Loric.

    After collecting the Bones of Loric dive into the water below. In this pool are two teleporters. One will take you back to the hallway right outside of the room where you found the Bones of Loric, but the other takes you to an underwater tunnel leading to the Skull Wizard's secret chamber. It doesn't sound like a very nice place but that's where you want to go. After dispatching of the final Skull Wizard find the exit and go in. You might notice that the podium wants you to make a potion. However, you have only bones, not bone dust. Don't worry about that right now. We need to go somewhere to grind the bones into dust, and then we'll come back here and make the potion. Hit the exit and get ready for the second level.

Hexen II Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Codes

    Code Description
    impulse 9 Get all weapons/mana
    impulse 14 Turn yourself into a sheep
    impulse 23 Get Torch
    impulse 25 Get Tome of Power
    impulse 39 Fly mode toggle
    impulse 40 Raise character's level
    impulse 43 Get all weapons/mana/items
    impulse 44 Toss currently selected item
    impulse 99 Restart level
    god God mode
    give h xxx Give youself more health where "xxx" is the amount of health.
    noclip Walk though walls
    notarget Enemies won't attack you unless you attack them first.
    kill Suicide
    chase_active 1 Turns view to chase cam view.
    chase_active 0 Turns view back to regular view.
    give health # Give youself more health. Where "#" is the amount of health.