Hartnett Says I Come With The Rain

It’s spring, the season when an Asian director’s heart turns to thoughts of making their English-language debut. So following on the heels of Wong Kar Wai’s decision to make My Blueberry Nights, Tran Anh Hung will switch dialects to make I Come With The Rain.

More usually known for relationship plots and twisty family epics, Tran has plumped to tackle a thriller and snagged Josh Hartnett to star in his first international effort. He’s playing a former cop hired by a wealthy business type to track down his missing son in the Far East.

"It's not a contemplative film, it's a thriller, an investigation, but it is a bit mystical and it will bear Tran Anh Hung's distinctive visual hallmark," producer Jean Cazes blabbed to Variety. What we do know is it has $18 million to spend, and 10-week shoot planned for LA, the Philippines and Hong Kong kicking off this July.

Interestingly, summer is the season when American action directors' hearts turn to slaughtering their enemies and eating their brains from a silver plate. It’s amazing what you can learn when you only read the Encyclopaedia Of Bogus Facts.