Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! Cheats

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Kat

    Find Pashmina

    In sunflower park there will be a maze ladder. Go up to 1 pole and press A. Then press down on the action screen you brought up. Press A on scoochie. Go to the pole 2nd to the left, clime up it. Pashmina will lose her scarf. Clime the 1st pole on your left, say hammo to the crow and he will give you her scarf. Bring it to Pashmina. THEN SHE WILL GO TO THE CLUBHOUSE!!!!!

  • GBA | Submitted by Jacques Gadoury

    Easy seeds 2!

    Go to the elementary school and go were jingle was then use a tack-q on the tree and you'll get 10 sunflower seeds.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jacques Gadoury

    Easy seeds 3!

    Go to the carnival in the ruins and win at least 3 shogun wigs after he'll give you 20 sunflower seeds inside of the wig.

  • GBA | Submitted by Kat

    Find Maxwell

    Inside the acorn shrine(dark place),you'll see a crack in the wall by the upper exit. Tack-Q against the crack. A beam of light will appear on the floor. Stand on the light and say Hamha! Maxwell will fall, But you need a word to get him to come with you. The word is nopookie. You'll find it somewhere in the Acorn Shrine!

  • GBA | Submitted by ashley

    10 sunflowerseeds

    In the ruins there is a puddle by a flower. go on the puddle, push A and do "digdig". do this 3 times and the flower'll give you a sunflower seed. walk over to the seed, push A and do "hifhif". you'll get 10 seeds. Leave the ruins and come back for more seeds, but repeat the steps. It's an easy way to get Sunflower seeds!

  • GBA | Submitted by Chris Dietze

    Get Bijou

    First, go to Acorn Shrine. Then go past the house in the backround. Then keep going until you see a door. Now go up. Keep on going. Then go left then up. Then there should be holes in the ground. Go past the thick tree and up. Then turn left. You will see a pigeon. There will be an intersection in the grass. Now go up. TACK-Q the fat tree. Bijou will pop out. Go in the cave next to her. Now you have a shiny Rock. Give it to her and you have Bijou

  • GBA | Submitted by Kenny Dietze

    How to get Penelope

    First, you have to go to sunflower Park and talk to the pink hamster in the garden. she will give you the word HAMMO. Next go to the ruins. Go to the clock and climb up the black wire on the lamp. Go on the roof. Then go to the right. When you see a ladder go up it. Then Tug the white plug. Then go up the ladder again. This time the frog will be holding her behind a cage. Say HAMHA ti the frog. He will ask if your friends. Then say HAMMO. Now you have Penelope.

  • GBA | Submitted by Tiger

    To Many Rocks!!

    If you have to many rocks in your pack and you want to get rid of them for a while, do this. First go to Sky Garden but don't go up the vines. Instead, go around it and you'll find a hole. Go down it, and you'll find a place to put your rocks! go up to the platform, and chuck-chuck your rocks, (if you learned it yet...). If you get 100 grams of rocks, a secret door will open!

  • GBA | Submitted by Chris Dietze

    How to get Oxnard

    First,you have to go to Sunflower Park. Go up once then go to the right. Oxnard will be sitting there crying. Say HAMHA. Oxnard will tell you he lost his seed. Now TACK-Q him he will roll over and his seed will be there. Now you have Oxnard.

  • GBA | Submitted by Tiger


    If you get a lot of acorns and you need more seeds, do this. Go to Acorn Shrine and go to where the grass is rustling (it's by the sad pigon).Use a hif-hif and a hamster will pop up.he will say: "hey you have an Acorn! Will you trade it for some sunflower seeds?" say yep-p.you will trade it for 20 sunflower seeds! he loves them that much!!!

  • GBA | Submitted by Tiger

    Snoozer's Right!!!

    Go to Snoozer in the Clubhouse, say Ham-ha to him and he will talk. One of his advices is that in the Ruins, There is somewhere that will send you flying! Listen, he's correct!!!

    First, go to the Ruins.then go to the lamp and go up. Then go to the hamster who is trying to figure out how to get behind you. Go right next to him and do a tac-q. you will be sent flying! go down and you will see a box. Do a tac-q where the lock is. Do a lookie and you will look inside the box. There you will find three rocks! then go around and talk to the hamster. There he will tell you Grit-t! It means courage!!

  • GBA | Submitted by Tiger

    The Ham-Ham Dictionary

    This is a cool cheat! After you find all of the ham-hams (Bijou,Oxnard,Jingle,Panda,Cappy,Penelope, Pashmina, Maxwell, Howdey, Dexter,Sandy, and Stan)and all 85 words, go into Boss's room.Talk to him and he will make you the Ham-Ham Dictionary!!!

  • GBA | Submitted by Chris Dietze

    How to get Howdy and Dexter

    To get Howdy and Dexter first you have to find Pashmina. She is on one of the poles in Sunflower Park.When you find her, her scarf will blow away. You have to climb up another pole to get to the bird (remember Hamtaro goes across each pole that goes from side to side) you have to do every move there. Then you return the scarf. She will come back with you. then you'll get the sunflower market. Go there you will find a stack of newspapers. Climb up the rope.You will find Howdy and Dexter fighting when they separate go talk to Dexter in the freezer(to the right) he will tell you to spy on Howdy. Go do it. Howdy is in the market( to the bottom.) Go to the way back. and then go all the way to the right. When you see the wire hanging down go up by clicking Scoochie. Howdy will talk. then go down. A little guy will pop out and say that Dexter is frozen in ice. Go tell Howdy. Howdy will run to the freezer. Before you get there the little guy will pop out again and say I lost !
    my bag by the bicycle rack. It is by the entrance. Tack-Q the bicycle a ribbon will fall. Tuggie it. Give it to him in between the freezer and market. He will give you a poster go to Howdy(in the freezer) Say Hamha. He will go to the little white hamster. Buy a heat patch from him. Then give it to Howdy. He will unfreeze Dexter. then they'll go to the clubhouse. Now you Know how to get Howdy and Dexter.

  • GBA | Submitted by Tiger

    An Acorn

    To get a free acorn for my last cheat,do this. Go to Acorn Shrine. When you first jump out of the hole,there will be a tree. Don't jump off, just go up to it. Use a Tac-q to it and an acorn will fall. If you do it again though, a few spiders will fall and go back up

  • GBA | Submitted by Bre

    How to get the songs "Hamtaro Time" and "Postman's Rush".

    "Hamtaro Time":
    Go to Sunflower Elementary.If you haven't already gotten past the dog tack-Q it.Then a hamster will come out and let you pass into the building.You will see two green ropes hanging down, climb up the left one.When you reach the top you should be able to but "Hamtaro Time" for 50 seeds.

    "Postman't Rush":
    Go to the Sunflower Market.Climb up the newspapers and go through the rectangular hole beside them.You'll be in a room with a hamster stuck between two boxes.(Tuggie to get him out if you want a strawberry.)Run through the room. In the next room Dexter and Howdy will be fighting. After they're done run through the right exit.(Not the bottom one.)You enter a room with ice in it.There will be two icicles hanging down.Climb up the second one.There will be a mailbox.Tack-Q the mailbox to get the song "Postman's Rush".(To play the songs choose Ham-Jam at the Screen that says:NEW,CONTINUE and HAM-JAM or go to the dancing room in the club-house and talk to the hamster behind the counter.It's cute to see Hamtaro dance!)