.hack Part 3 Outbreak Cheats

.hack Part 3 Outbreak Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Parody Mode

    (Japanese version only)
    Finish the game one time to unlock parody mode. This mode will put in joke dialogue.
    Keyword Unlocks
    These keywords unlock items at gott's statue
    Noisy, Sacred, Ringing Ears Get 3-Floor Tower which can be traded to Alicia for Cat's Hat (Get Lady's Cap in chest on floor)
    Unusual, Ghostly, Remnant Get Doll Amulet which can be traded to Stare for Cat's Armor (Get Lady's Mail in chest on floor)
    Barking, Hot-Blooded, 500 Lohan Get Magnolia Miso which can be traded to Flare for Cat's Gloves (Get Lady's Gloves in chest on floor)
    Ancient, Destroyer's, Battlefield Get Scent of Gero which can be traded to Fool for Cat's Boots (Get Lady's Shoes in chest on floor)
    Greedy, Gambler's, Drift Get Boxed Lunch which can be traded to Benoit for Yoshida(Get Lady Killers in chest on floor)
    Tested, Morphean, Alchemy Get Field's Deed which can be traded to Waffle for Dreams of Yore (Get Vampire Blade in chest on floor)
    Entwined, Prejudiced, Chaos Get Rouge Fragment which can be traded to Cyan for Gimme Life (Get Kokoro in chest on floor)
    Abrasive, False, Tragedy Get Maiden's Plot which can be traded to Teria for Thunder Dad (Get Crystal stone & bear's Sword in chest on floor)

  • PS2 | Submitted by hiei22

    Defeat Fidchell easily

    To easily defeat Fidchell, you need Wiseman with Ola repth or Phal repth and rip maen, a powerhouse (I recommend Blackrose) and a heck of a lot of antidotes, revives, items, scrolls, or spells that increase magical defense, and mages souls. Give Wiseman the command first aid, and give Blackrose the target Fidchell. when Fidchell makes a prophecy (ex. all will tremble under my terrible will) use antidotes and the items/spells/scrolls that increase your magic defense on everyone. If wiseman still dies from the spells Fidchell casts, then use a revive and mages souls. If you die, then Wiseman will revive you. Make sure to replenish Wiseman's SP if he runs low. Continue with this strategy and data drain.

  • PS2 | Submitted by matthew


    SIGMA DISCOVERED TRUTH'S SPIRAL is a level 69 earth dungeon that is 2 levels deep. you only have to go through 6 enemy portals to get to the got statue, don't open all enemy portals so you can leave the dungeon and come back with all the stuff restored.
    the enemies in the dungeon are ultra powerful and if data drained give you the best weapons in the game
    LICH level 69 earth HP: 2110 SP: 350 MAGIC TOLERANT SPELLS: megan rom (earth tornado) ranki lei (confusion) DATA DRAIN ITEMS: cygnus wand: level 50 wand, phenox fire: level 55 rare blademaster weapon
    STARE level 68 fire HP: 5490 SP: 685 MAGIC TOLERANT SPELLS: ravak don (fire drop) mui lei (charm) DATA DRAIN ITEMS: owl crest: head gear with phal repth (fully recover all parties health SP: 60) two together: level 51 rare thunder twin blade weapon.
    STAR VIKING level 69 thunder HP: 5570 SP: 2075 CAN ONLY DATA DRAIN WITH MAGIC, SPELLS: merai rom (thunder tornado) muimyn lei (paralise) DATA DRAIN ITEMS stream sword: level 50 heavy blade item five stars: level 55 rare heavy blade weapon
    SKULL DEVILGON level 70 dark HP: 5650 SP: 2105 SPELLS: NONE! DATA DRAIN ITEMS: tri tips: level 48 rare axe, minivera: level 55 rare long arm weapon.