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    Submitted by Jereden

.hack Part 2 Mutation Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Kyle


    In most root towns you will find a baby grunty, if you feed these babies lots of foods you can aqquire in the field it will become an adult and give you the grunty flute, if you use it on the field it will come to help. This will only work if you are in the same server as that grunty.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Claude

    defeating Martina R

    When fighting Martina R use a scrool called the Moon on her to put her to sleep. Then use a item called Beast Bane on her (Found in trade with a non-playable character named Koji) to eliminate her magical defenses. Now you can inflict magical damage against her. Use the summoning scrools against her to kill her in two hits.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Adam Plezer

    Extra health SP and key items

    fter beating the game (or maybe before i did this after) Go back to the first root town and visit Haunted "Forbidden Holy Ground" four times. Each time you see a special cut scene from the show .Hack//Sign. You also get a special Key Item And a Gold or Silver Grunty thatwill increase you health and magic. Defeat Cubia
    message: CUBIA IS HARD. If you get stuck at him, then read this. Now in order to beast him easily, all you have to do is bring Mistral and Piros (Mistral is required anyways). Make sure you're at least at level 36. Now you don't attack Cubia head-on, you have to destroy the core. The core sends out miniature cores, and they heal, attack, and stuff like that. Destroy all the 'Repth' cubias, and then all the attacking ones. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LEFT. Next, you just beat the snot out of the core until it dies! But be warned: DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARTNER(S) ATTACK THE CORE- HAVE MISTRAL HEAL AND YOUR OTHER CHOICE (preferably Piros) ATTACK UNTIL IT DIES. Hope this worked!!! =D