Guitar Hero 3 extends the arm of Rock

Sept 11, 2007

Activision has heard the pleas of you console holdouts. Come this fall, computer users will see the shred barrier lifted when Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock hitsboth PC and Mac.

Though you may have noticed that the 360 guitar could be used "elsewhere," desktop stalwarts have long had to make due with awkward dongles and open-sourced clones like Frets on Fire and Freetar. So we're proudly waiving an extended index and pinky finger in the air for theirnewfound abilityto keep on rockin' in a much more official capacity. This is the free world, after all.

As longtime rivals, Mac and PC users will be able to compete head-to-head across the road using something called "The Internet." (We're told they'll know what that means) Word to the wise: You can't properly rock in a swiveling leather desk chair -so stand theeff up! Shredding while sitting down is strictly for polka bands and 100-year-old blues legends.