Gran Turismo 4 makes European debut

Punters at the Geneva Motor Show - which kicks off tomorrow - will have the opportunity to play a special preview version of Gran Turismo 4 featuring Toyota's quirky concept car the MTRC. That's a Motor Triathlon Race Car, in case you were wondering, which is designed to be able to cope with off-road, race tracks and city street circuits.

The two-seater MTRC looks something like a full-size remote-control buggy and combines off-road ability, sports car performance and motor sport derived high technology. As it's propelled by four in-wheel electric motors, Toyota designers have had much more freedom in creating the shape of the car compared to vehicles that run on conventional engines (check out the images on the right).

Of course, there have been numerous Gran Turismo special editions in the past - such as - created specifically for motor shows or car dealers that feature vehicles not available in retail versions. And while Sony have yet to confirm that the MTRC will be included in the retail version of GT4 - when it's finally released - we'd hope that it'd be included in some shape or form, perhaps as an unlockable bonus.

As for the 'proper' version of Gran Turismo 4, it now appears as if we'll have to before it hits shelves.