Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant Cheats

Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Goosebumps

    Costume Part Locations

    1. League of Good Guys logo (also torso and pants)- When you Enter the Greenhouse, pick up the rake. Then, go forward until rotroot comes out. Press Ctrl to push him back with the rake. He'll say "That doesn't hurt me!" Then turn and run toward the door or little shack to the right. There will bees outside. They say, "Let us in." Press Space to open the Door or window. Cut seen. Now, go out to the Hedge Maze. It's Hidden in there. Hint: You'll have turn right and go backwards.
    2. Belt- At one time when there are two elevator open, go in the one on the right. Pick up the gun ahead, turn around, go straight toward the elevator then turn right. Go down, then open the door. Then jump the platforms.
    3. Gloves- When by Root wat's door, take out the key that you got from the bucket in the printing room. Open the door, then go up, right, up, and go through the veneration shaft down the stairs.
    4. Boots- When Chinchilla blasts you to the Ice age place, go through the door, then make your way down to a pair of stairs. go on the path, jump, turn left, jump, then go through the door and jump the platforms.
    5. Cool Mask- When you get to the toadies place, kill the guy by taking the gun and squirting him into the slime. Then, go left to a gravel road.
    6. Cape- After killing Pinky Flamingo with the hose, enter the elevator on the right. Go to the first chamber on the left, enter the room, open the coffin, then go in the cell.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Defeat the Evil Creatures

    Elevator Monster
    On the fifth floor a monster will come out of the cieling. Then he will start chasing you. To defeat go into the room at the end of the Hall and pick up the Hammer and hit it with THE HAMMER.
    Greenhouse Monster
    When you walk to the other side of the greenhouse the greenhouse Monster will jump out. To defeat him open the door to let the bees in.
    Pink Flamingo
    When you walk into the Pink Flamingo's office he will put you in slowsand and will erase the door and will dissapear. To get out of the slowsand grab onto the rats tail and he will pull you out. Then follow the rat into the venalation chamber and follow the rat to the other side.

  • PC | Submitted by Justin

    How to Beat Ice Lady

    Ok when u see her go behind her and it will make u battle her in hockey. If u keep on hitting her snowballs it will take u and her to a water fall.`