GoldenEye to be next Bond game?

Industry rumours this morning suggest that Electronic Arts' next James Bond 007 game may be based on the film GoldenEye. This would mark a return to the 1995 movie that inspired the classic Nintendo 64 title of the same name.

While the new GoldenEye reportedly isn't being developed by the team behind the original game, EA must surely be well aware of the classic N64 game's credentials - which, we hope, could influence its next-gen incarnation.

However, when probed about the game, Electronic Arts commented, "We definitely plan to release more Bond games going forward, and we are exploring properties beyond Everything or Nothing [which is released later this month], but we haven't announced anything as of right now."

While EA's recent Bond outings have featured storylines unique to the games that are not based on particular films, the company has previously said that it does intend to use content directly from the 007 series in future. EA currently has the rights to produce Bond games until 2010.

Should this 'new' GoldenEye really exist, we'd expect it to be unveiled for the first time at the E3 games show in May. We hope to bring you more news on EA's next Bond game - GoldenEye or otherwise - in the very near future.