God of War II's new boss

One of Kratos' old enemies will be returning to stomp his albino ass into the ground in God of War II, the game's director, Cory Barlog, recently revealed in hisblog. Barlog was also kind enough to provide a couple of screens of the big, bad boss fight, which we've put up behind our Images tab for your viewing pleasure.

The two new screens show Kratos squaring off against the Barbarian King, who's grown to gigantic proportions since their last encounter. Sharp-memoried fans will remember the King as the baddie who was about to kill Kratos in one of God of War 's cinematics - that is, until Kratos made a quick pact with then-god of war Ares and decapitated the bearded barbarian.

But being killed later in the game wasn't enough to stop Kratos, and it appears to have only made the Barbarian King stronger - and a lot bigger. But in spite of reaping benefits from his demise, the big guy still wants revenge - something he intends to get with his giant horse and even-more-giant hammer. To get a ringside look at the fight, just click the Images tab above.

July 20, 2006