God of War II gets titanic on your ass

If you were brave enough to journey all the way through the ultra-tough God mode in the excellent mythical massacre, God of War, you truly deserve the respect of all Mount Olympus. But get ready for more pain, because according to God of War II director, Cory Barlog, things will be a whole world of harder in the sequel with the introduction of Titan mode.

"We still have four difficulty modes in the game (three available right away and one unlocked after beating the game), but we have really tweaked the higher difficulty levels... so much so that God mode no longer felt the 'hardest.' So now we have 'Titan' mode... and let me tell you it is freaking hard... doable of course... but hard," Barlogrevealed on his blog.

Above: Three-headed bastard dogsaren't going to be anyeasier for Kratos to deal with, in God of War II 's all-powerful Titan mode

Holy juice of Zeus! We shudder to think what an almighty challenge Kratos and his beautiful Blades of Chaos will have to endure to conquer Titan mode, but we have a sneaky feeling it's going to be brutal, savage, and more than most mere mortals will be able to suffer.

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January 25, 2007