Giants: Citizen Kabuto Cheats

Giants: Citizen Kabuto Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    various cheats

    SNIPEME - get green screen
    XTRASEE - Front camera
    FALLOUT - Unlimited Ammo
    DOROTHY - Rainbows
    ANGRY - Red screen
    38HK - Infinite Jet Pack
    UDDOIT2 - blue Screen
    ALPUN - Cheat Menu
    MOLITOR - be Invincible
    BGDA - Unlimited mana
    MBP4UJP - Get all missions

  • PC | Submitted by jonas

    Various Cheats

    Press Y or T during gameplay and enter one of the following codes then press Enter:
    Gimmiegifts - Get gift shop
    Mapshowitall - Show map
    Ineedspells - Unlimited mana
    Itsmyparty - Get party house
    Fr - Shows framerate
    Pleasehealme - Max out health
    Basefillerup - Max out base energy
    allmissionsaregoodtogo - Get all missions
    basegoveryfast - Bases build Faster
    basepopulate - Base population

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Play Sea Reapers Uncensored

    Go to the bin folder and move the arpfix.gzp to another folder. Return it to censor again