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    Submitted by KittyKitty

Ghost Master Hints

  • PC | Submitted by JJOS

    Hospital ghosts

    I've got 2 of the ghosts in the hospital...
    Daydreamer - To wake up daydreamer, use a "suspicious stench" power in the room, and he will wake up n join u
    Harriet - You need to scare Kevin (the kid) then he will drop a bunny toy he's holding. Let someone to find the toy and he/she will return the bunny to his owner (the kid who is crying).

  • PC | Submitted by Ben.L

    Chimney Ghost

    If you know the level with the ghost in the basment (the guy with the blow torch)
    and the women upstairs, then you will understand.
    To get the ghost stuck in the chimney go downstairs to the living room ( 1st floor)
    put a horror in that room with the power
    ''Bitter cold'' and wait, a couple of seconds later the room upstairs will be filling with smoke, someone should find this and he/she will call a handyman to clear the chimney and then the skeleton will fall and the chimney guy (guy on the roof) will be free.

  • PC | Submitted by Kyle Pierce

    How to Get 2 of Headless Horseman Level Ghosts

    Black Crow - Put wavemaster near the old shed of were the Indian is in and use hailstorm, then put weatherwitch near the shed and use gusts, and finally put one of the ghosts that has the "pick up wind" power and put him there and use that power. The shed will collapse and he joins you.
    The Scarecrow - bind wavemaster near the scarecrow and use the rain and gore power. (Make sure you have bought the rain & gore power at the ghoul room).

  • PC | Submitted by Lord Of Poo


    After completing house 101 you are presented with two available haunts. Choose Calamytiville as your second haunt.
    The reason for this is that you can get the 'arial fitter', Static. His ability to shock every electrical fetter in the same room will allow you to get 'Lucky' from the pinball machine on the other available level when you've finished this level.

  • PC | Submitted by ste shaw

    Get ghost on first level

    When you go into the first house you will find a ghost near the back of the house on the first floor. get cogjammerand and put him on the radio on the shelf over the vacuum then use the move at the top of his list and the ghost will now be yours to use

  • PC | Submitted by firejam

    How to get hidden character

    To get banzi go to unusual suspects and bind stone wall to the plant in the main lobby and use tremor

  • PC | Submitted by carnivore

    Reserving Plasm

    After you use a power and it takes its desired effect upon the mortals, click the plasma button at the bottom of the powers menu and that will result in as if you hadn't used anything at all, but the plasm you EARN doesn't go away and the effect the power took stays.

  • PC | Submitted by ben hayward

    Haunting tips

    I thought up some tips as i was playing works on house 101 and the 2nd one best
    1. first of all gather everyone downstairs
    then place a boo at the top set his power on the highest you can and look on the list and go on commands set it so that he will only use them if he sees a mortal
    2 put a spider in the room where the stairs come down and set its power so that the swarm
    allover a "shivers" in the living room or dining room then place the rest in wherever you think is necessary just only leave them one choice ..... THE DOOR

  • PC | Submitted by ben hayward

    Level 3 Corpse Locations

    1. go to the basement and talk to the man behind the wall he will ask you to free him ... place an earth element next yto the wall and use the power tremor it should knock a brick out of place do this 3 + times .wait for someone to go near it quickly place a boo near the stairs to stop them getting up and place power on the highest you've got next place an another in the top room and put its powers on the highest if he heads towards the side you've done it right bench the 2 haunters and cross your fingers that he peeps through the visible gap if he dose he should go up and ring the police if he didn't SORRY TRY AGAIN.
    2. go to the top floor look at where the stairs are and go down a level if your looking at the stairs rotate your camera and there should be a door with a ghost behind
    talk to the ghost: she will ask you something to do with makeup
    what she means is
    FREE ME get someone to go through that door and look at the corpse they should ring the police if they don't 1 glace may not have been enough so do it again
    3. I don't know how to get corpse 3

  • PC | Submitted by David

    How to get people out faster

    Use combinations of ghosts in one area. Such as, Electrical, Water, Inside, and Violence. Get as many ghosts into one area as you can and you will it the mortals with multiple scares and get rid of them quicker!

  • PC | Submitted by AZZ

    Here are some secret ghosts.

    banzi - bind stonewall on the banzi tree in the lobby way on unusual suspects.
    stormalton - on spooky hollow use raindancers rain in the middle of the lake next tro the old tree and then it will break then he is yours.
    When trying to beat you old time always use the ghosts you think are best because if you have already freed all the trapped ghost on that level you don't need the ghost for unlocking them do you.
    for instance to unlock weatherwhich you need cogjammer but if you already unlocked her you don't need to use him on that level unless you want to of course.

  • PC | Submitted by MADOG

    Ghost Hints

    On level one to get the lady chained to the vacuum put the electric guy on the radio above her. Put his power on full blast or wild and crazy. The vacuum will fall and she will be yours after that!
    On the next house to get the guy in the basement behind the wall use trimmer and some bricks will fall. Later on a handy man will come and tare down the rest of the bricks. To get the girl in the boarded up room put boo on the bed with the skeleton on it and put him on his highest power. Then later on the handy man and the police will find both of the bodies. TO get the guy in the chimney use bitter cold in the room with the piano and the fire place and the room up above it will fill with smoke. A chimney cleaner will clean the chimney and the skeleton will fall down.
    On level three to get the brain in the bottle use either and play a shattering song which brakes the glass. To get the cat have the guy in the chimney and put his power on the highest one. That will shock the cat. To get the ghost upstairs scare some people that killed him.
    On level four to get the lady in the toilet use trimmer by the bee hive. The bee hive will fall and someone will use the bathroom and flush the toilet. To get the guy in the dream catcher use the highest power which is the scratching song. I still don't know how to get the lady in the basement.
    On level five to get the guy in the electric chair put an electric guy on the wires by him and use the highest power. The electric chair should go off. I'm still working on how to find out how to free the police.

  • PC | Submitted by goble goble

    How to unlock some of the ghosts

    On that level were you have to get all the corpses discovered first use stone wall in the basement, there is a hole in the floor near the ghost near the boiler, use stone walls tremor and a couple of bricks come out the wall then wait till one of the family discovers him and you get him then to get the Ariel guy at the chimney on the ground floor use some one with bitter cold it causes the fireplace two floors up to smoke badly the handyman comes and has a poke around and the corpse falls down and you get him, and finally to get Maxine in the attic wait till a member of the family breaks open the first door ad goes into the second when this happens you have to get a female member of the family to use the cosmetics on the table and you get her now there is alot too do in one level so what I did was when into high scores and got arclight later

  • PC | Submitted by pookagirl

    More Ghost unlocks&

    On level 5: to get Wavemaster put Raindancer in the room with him and use Flood, then put Lucky on the machine in the next room and use Strange Behavior. You'll get a message about one of the humans needing to pump by hand. Then just wait for someone to come down and do that. To get Flash Jordan you can also use Hailstorm in her room after freeing him (Wavemaster has it).

  • PC | Submitted by AZZ

    Ghosts you can obtain!

    level 1 - weatherwitch - You can release weatherwitch by putting cogjammer on the hoover and use his wild and crazy then you will have weatherwitch ,which you need ferther on in the game.
    level 2 - lucky - you can get lucky by using her charm power when a mortal is play on the pinball machine.
    hecterroeyes - you can get him bye using aethers shattering song and it breaks the glass.
    wendel - you can get wendel by scaring the man who sleeps in the bed that wendel is stuck in.
    level 3 - static - you can get static by using stonewalls tremor on the roof.
    achlight - you can retrieve him by using fools errand and a mortal will smash the wall.
    maxine factor - you can get her by using her obsession when a man and a women walkes up the last flight of stairs.
    level 4 moonscream - you can get her when the professor comes to summon the demon use her spooky suprise and she will be yours.
    raindancer - you can get this fine ghost by using stonewalls tremer to know the bee hive off the outside toilet then let the mortals do the rest.
    whisperwind - use weatherwhiches gatherwinds and use whisperwinds tempest at the same time to break the dream catcher.
    level 5 fingers - use fools errand again on the cheif and she whistle his tune then he plays it on the piano and he will join you
    knuckels - when someone goes to play poker use jinx on the person who wins and then knuckles will join you.
    jordan flash - to get her use stonewalls and boos tremor together and the earn will break.
    wavemaster - i don't klnow how to get him so please help!!!!!!!
    level 6 - electrospasm - use raindancers flood and use his spark and then the chair breaks.
    blue murder - keep your eye out for a bent copper and the suddenly she said "that copper is as bent as whistle get him over here"(its a man i thinbk it's the 3rd off the bottom.
    level 7 - hogwash - use the ghost in the mirro's uneath gift (or summit like that) and the people of the house will carry it around and eventually he will be yours (DON'T SCARE THE PERSON WHO HAS THE PRESANT OR THEY WILL DROP IT AND IT WILL DISSAPEAR)
    firetail - as soon as you start the level use raindancers rain on the whiches protection circle in the bowl of water.
    the ghost in the mirror - i have got her i just don't know her name lol. look for the girl who looks like her and keep scaring her when she goes to the downstairs toilet then eventually she will go to the upstairs one a hurrah u got her.
    level 8 hard boiled - to get hard boiled keep scariong everyone out the house untill everyone is gone except the little girl then a ghost hunter will cum in scare his as qwuick as possible then he is yours.
    level 9 i am currently on this on the phantom of the operation room which is a hospital and i can manage to get on of them but no one else.


    If you click recommend at the bottom left of the screen when you go to haunt it will automatically put the ghosts you need to unlock the trapped ones.

  • PC | Submitted by carnivore

    Get Darkling On Last Level

    There are three ghosts you really need to bring to free him, wisakejak /lady rose, a ghost with surge powers and daydreamer. first have darkling hit the proffesor with a psychotic rage attack, that drives him insane instantly, then have wisakejak/lady rose make a Trojan gift and make sure that one of the surgeons dressed in green with face masks) picks it up. As soon as they pick it up have darkling use obsession and bind daydreamer and the surge power ghost to the gift, when the surgeon with the gift gets up to the red ward area, bind daydreamer to Bruce elm immediately and bind a ghost with surge powers to the main controls in the middle of the psycho ward and have them use surge, which will open all doors except for Bruce elms. have daydreamer use sleepwalk, that will allow Bruce to open the door and escape and that will thus fee the darkling, but the work isn't done yet, using surge in the psycho ward will free the other nutcases, and they will go around scaring everyone for you, but they alone cant get rid of everyone.....AID THEM IN FRIGHTENING EVERYONE AWAY!