Get your own Cloverfield beast!

While the link to Hasbro ’s toy shop page doesn’t yet have a picture, we’re obviously going to have to slap up a spoiler warning to anyone who wants to experience Cloverfield (which, by the way earned a record-breaking, estimated $46 million over the four-day holiday weekend) fresh and unsullied. And that warning extends to our story about it. You’ve been warned!

We can imagine there will be plenty of kids wanting to get their hand on this nifty monster play set, which even includes little scale models of the nasty, bitey parasites and a small Statue Of Liberty head for your 14” beastie to knock about.

“The creature that wreaks havoc on New York City in the film is immortalized as a super-articulated figure for fans and collectors alike. As with other beasts in the annals of great movie monsters, the creature in Cloverfield captures the imagination and tugs at the fears of thrill seeking moviegoers,” blabs the official blurb.

It’s not on sale until – wait for it – September, of all months, and it will be limited, so reserve yours now! Tiny, whiny, crushable hipsters with video cameras not included.

Source: ( Hasbro's )

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