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Get your free Beta key for Aion

UPDATE - PLEASE NOTE: The Beta is now over so please don't email/PM us asking for a key. It would be pointless sending it to you as it wouldn't let you play anything. And that would just be cruel.

10 Jun, 2009

Hotly anticipatedMMO Aion is about to enter Beta testingin the UK and US- and we've got 200 Beta keys to give away. Your Beta key will be emailed out to you by NCsoftand they are being allocated on a strictly 'first come, first served' basis.

Aion is a story about the bitter clash between ‘the Angelic realm’ and ‘the Demonic realm’ and the infinite battle with ‘the Draconic race’ that is threatening them. As ourpreviewwill tell you, the game itself allows exploration and combat by land or air, with two racesliving in different levels of a city. The Asmodians live above and the Elyos live below, and the player can choose which class they want to join.

The Beta, which starts on Friday, June 5 and ends on the following Sunday, June 8, will give you access to a special event in the Elyos class and there's a level cap of 20.

Check out this promotional video to see the kind of landscape you can expect to explore:

The Beta requires 7GB of space and you'll need to sign up for an NCsoft Master Account (instructions will be provided with your key). Find out more at NCsoft'sofficial website, or check out the game's homepagehere.

29 May, 2009