You can now get the PlayStation Classic for just £29.99, because apparently nothing makes sense anymore

Get the PlayStation Classic for just £29.99
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In another indication that we have reached the end-times where nothing makes sense anymore, Argos is running a sale on the PlayStation Classic for a mad-cheap £29.99. An evening out usually costs more than that, so it’s absolutely worth making the most of this deal while it lasts. The console has its flaws, yes, but for £30? It’s a bargain.

PlayStation Classic | £29.99 from Argos (save £20)

PlayStation Classic | £29.99 from Argos (save £20)
The PS Classic distills childhood memories into an adorably dinky little package. While it’s not perfect, getting the console so cheap is excellent value for money.

Although it’s half the size of the original, this dainty remake doesn’t lose any of the PS One’s charm; it’s exactly what you remember from the mid-1990s, even down to its retro packaging. Featuring 20 iconic games that include GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy VII, this is nostalgia distilled into a tiny grey box. It also comes with two controllers, an inbuilt virtual memory card, and connects to your TV via HDMI. As our review mentioned, “it'll have you literally squealing with glee as you lift the adorably miniature PlayStation Classic out of the box, and realise that it's exactly the same console as you remember just 45% smaller”. Just be aware that you’ll need a USB AC that supports 5V, 1.0 A USB (Type A) output to get it working.

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