Gangland Cheats

Gangland Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Spank Dogg

    Various Cheats

    Hit ~ to go to console mode, then type cheat and hit enter to make it work. These cheats MAY require version 1.1 of Gangland
    cheat iwillmakethefamilyrich - Get 1 Lawyer
    cheat iwillripyourarmsoff - Get 1 Enforcer
    cheat youlittlehottieyou - Get 1 Seductress
    cheat pocketsfullofdough - Get 1 businessman
    cheat yourliverlandedoverthere - Get 1 Bazooka guy
    cheat youhadbetterwearkevlar - Get 1 Black widow
    cheat trustmewithyourlife - Get 1 Bodyguard
    cheat ihavetenpoundfists - Get 1 Super Bouncer
    cheat likeatonofbricks - Get 1 bomber
    cheat youwillbestunned - Get 1 assassin
    cheat whatwasbrieflyyoursisnowmine - Get 1 thief
    cheat iwilltakecareofyou - Get 1 Big Momma
    cheat thegreatvassilizaitsev - Get 1 sniper
    cheat iknowodintoo - Get 1 ninja
    cheat kidiseeeverything - No fog of war
    cheat wowitsgreattobetheboss - God Mode
    cheat needmorelead - Get 1000 of everything
    cheat youbetterpay - Get 100000 cash
    cheat loonies - Get a crazy guy who can hold 2 Tommys
    cheat alienprophets - Get fake cops
    cheat irissuxx - Message "Yeah!"
    *Note* All codes must be entered lower case with a space after cheat.

Gangland Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Taylor M.

    Beating Sniper Challenge

    Ok, In the very beginning hurry and select all the units and go to the far top right corner. There is a Fence that has a hole that allows you to shoot from. What you do is go there and go to the right of the three trash cans next to them. When the enemies come they shoot at you but mostly miss cause of the fence. Since the Snipers are at your disposal (They Can Die). Make sure Mario is in the back of them. Two more things AND THESE ARE IMPORTANT: DO NOT LET ALL OF THE SNIPERS GET AWAY FROM THE TRASH CANS they get all over you easy!! And Last WHEN THERE IS TOO MANY OF THEM USE MARIOS DYNAMITE HE CAN THROW FAR!!