Best Shots review - Future State: The Flash #1 "entirely out of place with this initiative"

Future State: The Flash #1
(Image credit: DC)

This first week of 'Future State' offerings all come with a sense that we're dropping in on a world already in progress, asking the readers to jump in and trust they'll be brought up to speed over time. The Brandon Vietti-penned Future State: The Flash #1 is no different.

Future State: The Flash #1 credits

Written by Brandon Vietti
Drawn by Dale Eaglesham
Colored by Michael Atiyeh
Lettered by Steve Wands
Published by DC
'Rama Rating: 4 out of 10

The main story opens with Barry Allen leading a team that includes Bart Allen and Jay Garrick on an attack on the Thinker's lair. Somewhere in the middle of the frenzy, Bart mentions needing to save Wally, the explanation for which comes as the issue progresses. Where this book differs from the other series is that a story of the Flash family in disarray doesn't strike itself as fresh or modern like the premises of the other books manage to accomplish, considering that the family hasn't been properly together since the 'New 52' began almost a decade ago. 

Vietti's scripting moves at a reasonable pace, albeit without any real flair or late-page twist that shakes things up. The art falters as a result of similar problems. Dale Eaglesham is, by all means, an accomplished artist, as is colorist Mike Atiyeh, yet they attempt a style that harkens back to the Flash series of the '90s and early '00s. It can't help but feel dated. 

Even if the throwback vibe is intentional, it is entirely out of place within this initiative.

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