Fresh Silent Hill: Homecoming shots

Last month wecovered the hellout of Homecoming, with new movies and a text walkthrough of the game's opening scenes. Then, last week we sawPyramid Headin one of Konami's press conferences. And today we've got seven brand-new shots that conveniently assail your eyes the same time our sister mag,Official Xbox Magazine, hits subscribers with even more details on this jump-out-of-your-skin freak show.

Above: Apparently there's something about Shaun White in there too

As for GamesRadar, let's see what the Konami Fairy brought us today. First is an encounter with a trio of nurses we've met before:

Another up-close look at the slit-faced Lurker:

A painting and an axe. We'll assume there's a puzzle here:

So, who's assaulting whom here? Alex looks like he's trying to grope a bit of undead nurse - she's just defending herself:

This friendly shop owner is Curtis, a man seemingly unmoved by the state of Shepherd's Glen:

Alex Shepherd, troubled protagonist and presently wondering why his story isn't called Silent Hill V anymore:

Lastly, a foggy house. Spooky!

May 20, 2008

Brett Elston

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