Freedom: First Resistance Cheats

Freedom: First Resistance Cheats

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    Various Cheats

    After running the game 1 time look in the game's folder and find the files Freedom.cfg and Action.cfg.

    In Freedom.cfg using notepad or a text editor add this line at the very bottom :

    showmissions true

    In Action.cfg at the top add:

    bind tilde console

    After saving these files once you start the game you should be able to pick you level and during the game you can press the ~ key to bring up the console where you can enter one of these codes:

    Toggledamage - Turn off/on damage

    Toggleai - Turn off/on AI

    Toggledoors - Opens closed doors and lockes open doors

    Toggledetection - Enemy doesn't detect you

    Badguysarelousyshots.01 - Make enemy miss

    Gimme - Replace with a item below:

    * Toolkit - Works for Leo to get toolkit
    * Catteni pistol
    * Catteni pistol ammo
    * Allergen grenades
    * Catteni Blaster
    * Catteni Blaster Ammo
    * Rifle ammo

    Rifle - Get Rifle for humans