Forza 2 skids into 2007

Forza Motorsport 2, Microsoft's realism-heavy racing game sequel for Xbox 360, will not be released this holiday as planned.

The launch date has now been pushed back into 2007 and Forza 2 is "far from finished," according to aforum postby Che Chou, community manager for the game. "A new date will be given at X06," he adds inanother post,referring to Microsoft's annual showcase happening at the end of this month. " Gotta do what you gotta do to get things right, y'know?"

Referring to some recent new screens of the racing sequel, Chou says that they are "work in progress." Some gamers have been underwhelmed by these shots, but they don't include all the final graphical touches, so it's a little hard to judge this early.Still, click the Images tab above and see the latest shots for yourself.

September 7, 2006