Force 21 Cheats

Force 21 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Passwords

    Level 2: LXCR

    Level 3: PTKL

    Last Level: URLZ

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Press ENTER then enter one of the following codes and press ENTER again

    novictory No Victory Checking
    polytheism Everyone Invisible Including Opponents
    ispy Show Enemy Positions
    chessmatch Full Radar
    killenemy Kill Enemy Units (Damages Tanks)
    hasselhoff Lose Instantly
    grid To Textures Shown in Tactical Map
    avatar Yellow Markings on units
    neon Yellow Triangles on Tanks
    amazon Strip Trees
    london Sky is Smoggy
    fps Frames Per Sec info
    implines ????
    scaleturn Set turning speed
    scaleacceleration Set accel speed
    scalespeed Set travel speed
    scalemodel Scale models to xtimes size
    stratperspective New View
    hurt Damage 1st vehicle in current platoon
    commanders Disable commander effects
    seattle Disable horizon
    gameoverman Win Instantly
    chillout Lock vehicle
    centermass Center camera on unit
    ambb Change Blue Ambient Light
    ambg Change Green Ambient Light
    ambr Change Red Ambient Light
    amb Display Ambient Light Settings RGB
    minpitch Camera control minimum pitch
    minheight Camera control minimum height
    maxheight Camera control Max height
    maxpitch Camera control Max pitch
    soundbytes Shows memory used by sound
    exit Exit to Windows
    farfog # Far Distance to draw fog (replace # with 1-255)
    nearfog # Near Distance to draw fog (replace # with 1-255)
    farclip # Far Distance to Draw Objects (replace # with 1-255)
    nearclip # Near Distance to Draw Objects (replace # with 1-255)
    id Identify vehicle selected
    targetlist Show selected targets
    dirb # Set the blue direction of light (replace #)
    dirg # Set the green direction of light (replace #)

  • PC | Submitted by dex

    Comanding Units of Platoons Have More Attributes

    Go to start/windows explorer/C drive(or whatever drive you installed force21 to)/program files/red storm entertainment/force21/text/ChineseComanders.
    Open the file and change the attributes accordingly.