Flash game freebie: 60s to Save the Queen

Enemies are attacking the castle! The queen is in danger! Quick, you must leap to her rescue! You have 60 seconds to save your poor bride from the clutches of evil. Ready! Set! Go! Yeah, that%26rsquo;s pretty much the entire the setup for 60s to Save the Queen, and what follows in the moments after you take on your frantic mission makes for unadulterated spazz-platforming glee. It%26rsquo;s a mad dash to be the hero, and every second counts.

With your royal lady inconveniently stuck atop the highest tower in your castle, you literally have one minute to race up through the ramparts, rampage your way past armed brigands, leap over pits, and snatch her majesty from the enemy. Each level counts as an individual scene, and the number of second it takes you to complete every room of the castle is recorded and tallied. If you need more than 60 seconds to make it to the top, then old queenie is out of luck. But that%26rsquo;s where the fun comes in. You can play through the entire game start to finish as quickly as possible or simple hand-pick which scenes to return to in an effort to shave precious seconds off the clock.

The castle tends to crumble all to hell as your charge through it, so floors disappear, spikes pop up out of nowhere, rocks fall from the sky, boulders come out of nowhere to crush you, and general havoc ensues. Being slain in your kingly duties restarts the current room, resetting the area%26rsquo;s clock in the process. Since you have infinite lives, it%26rsquo;s really a matter of just speed running over and around dangerous obstacles as efficiently as possible. Sure, when the ending is a little anti-climactic, should you actually persevere in saving the queen, but the process is fun enough, and you can rest assured she won%26rsquo;t make you take out the garbage after that heroic stunt. Check it outhereat Armor Games.

Jul 22, 2010