First gameplay footage of GRID 2 emerges from both the tracks we played and loved

We're very excited about GRID 2 and now you can see why thanks to gameplay footage from both the Chicago track and the California Coastline 1v1 race. The quality setting on these YouTube videos says it's 720p, but honestly, if you think this looks good, believe us when we say it looks easily twice as good when you're playing it. Video compression shouldn't be allowed on a game this good-looking. Here's Chicago:

Despite the slight loss of detail from the video feed, you can get a sense of the handling of the cars, see how much smoke there is from the 1000hz-sampled tyres and imagine what it's going to look like when these beasts smash into the armco at 150mph. The damage is turned off here, which is why nothing happens when the driver knocks the wall a little way through the demo. Then there's the Californian track:

We're still convinced this is going to be a very special game. Hopefully we'll get another look soon. Until then, might we suggest you go back and read our hands-on preview.

Justin Towell

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