First Call of Duty: World at War screens

The very first images of the next Call of Duty, World at War, wereleaked onlinelast night. If you were worried about the franchise's return to the safe and stale theater of World War II, these nine explosive - and surprisingly violent - screenshots may change your mind. Check them out below.

Developer Treyarch (yes, yes, it's not Infinity Ward) is clearly taking advantage of the new Modern Warfare engine, with some impressive-looking fire and light effects. Better yet, they seem to be taking full advantage of the new Mature rating - just check out the nasty katana blade to the face, or the soldier toasting like a flame thrower marshmallow.

Are you more or less excited about Call of Duty: World at War after seeing these screens? Discuss - and argue - in ourforums!

Jun 17, 2008