Final Fantasy Legend Cheats

Final Fantasy Legend Cheats

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    Lots O' Cash

    It is important to build up a lot of money to get items and equipment. The best time to do it is when you have all three king's equipment. When you use the equipment it will cause a lot of damage and you'll be invincible for most enemies. You should at least build up a few thousand GP.

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    When you are in the beginning of the game and you lose a person on your team there is a cheaper and easier way to bring them back to life instead of going to the house of life. Simply go to the guild and retire that character. You can pick the same person or a different one. The equipment the dead team member had will go to the new person if it is the same type. If you are in the middle or towards the end of the game I recommend against doing this unless they are all out of hearts and you can't afford to buy any more hearts. If you do it in the middle of the game the new character will not have the upgrades you gave to the old one.