FIFA 2002: Major League Soccer Cheats

FIFA 2002: Major League Soccer Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Guglielminpietro

    How to win every world championship matches

    Enter a championship match and put the second player on the opposing team and lose the game and it still thinks player 1 won.
    Not really a cheat it's some skills you can do that aren't in the book. When the ball is in the coming at you and he's facing it (like from the opponents goal kick) hold L2 and R2 and double tap O (as if to volley) and will do a SCORPION KICK.
    From the same position just hold R2 and double tap O and he'll do a kick up or two on his thigh before clearing it.
    From a standing position with the ball (not moving) hold L2 and R2 and press triangle and he will flick it up in the air with his feet.
    With the ball, hold L2+R2 + press O he will pretend to shoot but take it past the defender.
    Last one now- whilst passing, lobbing or shooting during play you can curl it by holding R2 to curl right or L2 to curl left.

FIFA 2002: Major League Soccer Cheats

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    Win Cards

    EFA - Nuno Gomez card
    Copa America - Henrik Larsson card
    FIFA Confederations - Steve Marlet Card
    AFC World Cup Qualification - Myung Bo Hong Card
    UEFA World Cup Qualification - Francesco Totti card
    CONCACAF Worl Cup Qualification - Ruud Van Nistelrooy Card
    CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification - Roberto Carlos Card
    European Championship Cup - Iker Casillas Card
    European Championship - Thierry Henry Card
    Gold Cup - Thomasz Rodzinski Card
    Extra Tournaments
    Win the following World Cup Qualifications to get the indicated tournament
    AFC: Asians Nations Cup
    CONCEBOL: Gold Cup
    CONCACAF: Copa America
    UEFA: European Championships (Euro 2004)