Fans called to name F.E.A.R. sequel

Probably one of the better shooters of the last few years, Monolith's F.E.A.R. is now in the middle of a company bust-up. Vivendi own the rights to the F.E.A.R. name, while developer Monolith is plowing on with a sequel anyway under a new alias.

The name of the Monolith sequel is still up in the air and the company, along with new publisher Warner Bros. has opened (opens in new tab) to help gather fans' title suggestions for its scary shooter follow-up.

To help your creative cogs turn, Monolith offers this blurb for the second game:

"A monstrous explosion devastates an American city: thousands dead, innumerable injured.

Within the chaos, Alma awaits...

A child born with extraordinary psychic power, Alma was once the center of an advanced weapons research program. The program was designed to breed psychic commanders who could telepathically control an army of bioengineered soldiers. Despite her potential, her power proved uncontrollable - with deadly results. The program was closed and buried.

Some cruelty cannot remain hidden. Freed from the program's containment facility, Alma stalks a shattered city. Her motives are unknown.

Sent by the government, you must seek out the answers to the unfolding catastrophe. As the line between reality and nightmare blurs, Alma's suffering has just become yours.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss... but not this time. "

C.O.R.R.I.D.O.R.S.? H.A.L.O.3.?

June 5, 2007