Fable 2 gameplay details

Fable 2, the role-player sequel to one of Xbox's best RPGs, will feature dynamic environments and hazards that have the potential to affect the world around you as your adventure progresses, according to an update on developerLionhead Studios' community website.

This is possibly thanks to what Lionhead calls "height maps." The examples given include locations in Fable's world that are inaccessible until the surrounding water levels rise (like tides, maybe?), and gaping holes in the ground that you can fall into, which could perhaps lead to new dungeons.

Above: The village of Bowerstone has undergone some aesthetic changes since you visited in Fable, five hundred years ago.

Also in the update was a comment sure to excite anyone waiting for next-gen gaming to bring us more realistic trees - Fable 2's techies are "animating the entire tree, leaf by leaf!" Lionhead expects to have more exciting info on Fable 2 for us in the new year.

November 22, 2006

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