Extras hurt on the Valkyrie set

Call it the curse of the Valkyrie, but the troubled Tom Cruise-starrer has been beset by another problem.

Eleven extras that were portraying German World War Two guards were injured late on Sunday when they fell off a truck in the middle of Berlin. Ten sustained minor injuries, and one suffered worse, though doctors have said his condition isn’t serious and he was only in hospital overnight. According to spokesbods from production company United Artists, the truck was travelling at less than 10mph and that wooden slates at the side gave way, leading to the extras’ fall.

Naturally, prosecutors have smelled the blood on the street and launched an investigation into negligent bodily harm, while the vehicle is being inspected.

It’s just the latest incident for Bryan Singer’s film, which has been plagued with filming clearance issues and the problems that come when you mix Scientology’s favourite son (Cruise) with a country that has a real problem with the organisation. We’re sending a crate of lucky horseshoes over to try and help the situation. Just don’t leave them where an extra could trip over the box, eh, Tom? Or the Valkyrie’s “Days Without Injury” board is going to start looking like something from The Simpsons.

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