Exclusive Bond info from TotalFilm.com

Yeah, so we're not a film site, but elsewhere on the GamesRadar network,TotalFilm.comhas a load of new Quantum of Solace info you can't miss. Given that a new next-gen Bond game isalmost certainly on the cardswe reckon you'll forgive us this little introduction.

Above: Olga Kurylenko - one of Bond's love interests in Quantum Of Solace. Nicer to look at than Bond.

From our friends at TotalFilm.com:

"Total Film magazine's 21 exclusive limited-edition Bond covers, featuring every 007 film in the series, was just the start.

"Gearing up for the 22 November release of Quantum Of Solace, Daniel Craig's second outing as 007,The Bond Blogcelebrates the world of 007 with the ultimate guide to the heroes, the villains, the girls, the gadgets, the quips, the stunts and more...

"Check in every day for fresh new updates on Quantum Of Solace and a regular deep-cover look-back into Bond's past.

"Oh, and while you're there, test your Bond knowledge by taking part in our exclusive Ultimate Poll - and give yourself the chance to win an Ultimate Bond box-set.Go to the pollfor more info."