ESPN NFL Football 2K4 Edition Cheats

ESPN NFL Football 2K4 Edition Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Kickin or Stickin Cheat

    Play for 3 hours using the same user name

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Big Head Mode

    Make a custom player to unlock it

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Paper Football Game for Crib

    Finish the game one time using First Person Mode

  • Xbox | Submitted by mike

    Insane kick cheat

    To get the insane kick cheat you must get a 99 yard kick or punt return

  • Xbox | Submitted by variousgf

    Crib unlockables

    (The Bar)
    49 points in a game = Newmark Bar Stools
    3 hours playing = Classic Bar Stools
    Entered Scrimmage Mode = Team Parking Sign

    (The Living Room)
    60 Yard Kick or Punt Return = Stuffed Couch [Black Leather]
    Created a Playbook = Contemporary Recliner
    Won a Pro Difficulty Game = Classic Coffee Table [think 5 mins min.]
    40 Yard Touchdown Run = Sleek End Table
    Entered Situation Mode = Sleek Console Table
    Entered The Reference Guide = Country Console Table
    30 Yard Touchdown Run = Team Street Sign
    200 Rushing Yards in a Game = Team Parking Sign

    (The Boom Boom Room)
    Watched the ESPN Video Games movie = Sleek Home Theater
    Watched the ESPN NFL Football Features movie = Big Screen Home Theater
    Completed all the Tutorials = Sleek Credenza
    Shutout the Opposing Team = Team Photo B
    No Passes Dropped by any Receiver = Team Photo C
    10 Tackles in a game = 80's Wall Clock
    1 Hour Playing = Game Ball A
    Returned an Interception for a TD = Game Ball B
    Commited No Turnovers = Game Ball C
    70 Yard Kick or punt Return = Player Painting
    *Poster D* *Other Sega Games Posters*
    40 Yard Touchdown Run = Panzer Dragoon Orla Poster
    5 Hours playing = Rez Poster
    Created a playbook = Soccer Slam Poster
    Entered the Reference Guide = Toe Jam & Earl 3 Poster
    275 Rushing Yards in a game = Phantasy Star Online Poster
    Entered Situation Mode = Virtua Fighter 4 Poster
    Won a Pro Difficulty game = NFL2K Poster
    60 Yard Kick or Punt Return = NFL2K1 Poster
    49 Points in a game = NFL2K3 Poster

    (The Game Room)
    Five Hours Playing = Full-Sized Team Helment in Case
    Entered Franchise Mode = Framed Team Jersey A
    Created a Team = Framed Team Jersey B
    Won a Tournament = Player Standee A
    QB never sacked = Player Standee B
    30 Tackles in a game = Team Drinking Glass A

    Trivia Machine Mini-Game = Completed all the Tutorials
    Paper Football Mini-Game = Played a First Person Game

    Big Head Mode Game Cheat = Created a Player
    Kickin' or Stickin' Game Cheat (always 4th Down)= 3 hours playing

    Ricky Williams Bobblehead = 275 Yards rushing
    (My Boy) Jevon Kearse Bobblehead = 20 Tackles in a game
    La'Roi Glover Bobblehead = Created a Player
    Champ Bailey Bobblehead = Played a First Person Game

    Priest Holmes- 6 rushing TDs in one game with same player
    Corey Dillan- 400 yrds rushing in a game
    Warren Sapp- 40 tackles in one game
    Ladamion Thomelson- 3 ints in one
    Tom Brady- Return Fumble for TD
    Tim Brown- Throw 6 tds to different players

    30-yd TD pass Team Banner B and ESPN Football poster
    40-yd TD pass Team Pennant A and Skies of Arcadia poster
    60-yd TD pass Team Helmet Mug and Croc logo

    49 points scored Newmark bar stools
    63 Contemporary couch, Gorilla logo
    77 Terrel Owens bobblehead, Power Pocket cheat
    375 yds passing Mini-helmet, Sdtk HipHop #1
    450 Team end table, NFL2K intro movie
    500 Sleek couch, Aztec logo
    10 tackles in a game 80s clock, ESPN sdtk
    20 Kearse bobbler, Wolf logo
    30 Team Glass A, Berman's Swamis Team
    3 sacks Classic Credenza, Sdtk Electronic #1
    5 Newmark end table, Gungrave poster
    7 Team Rug A, Boar logo
    3 INTs Tomlinsin bobbler, Sdtk Floigan Bros
    5 Stuffed recliner, Ooga Booga poster

    2 INTs w/same player Contemporary end table, Behind the Scenes w/Sapp video
    Beat CPU by 56 points Team recliner, 2006 Super Bowl stadium
    No dropped passes Team photo C, Michael Irvin free agent

    Won a tournament Team player standee A, Sdtk Outtakes #2

    Duece Mccalister- 99yrd run

    Jerome "the bus" Bettis bobble- win an all pro game

    Air Hockey- Win The Super Bowl

    Donovan McNabb--250 passing yards/100 rushing yards same player

    Randy Moss- 15hrs playing time

    Clint Portis- 2000yrd caree rushing

    David Carr- 25 career sacks

    60-yd TD run Team Player Poster C, 2k1 Intro movie
    350 rush yds Player Standee D, ESPN commercial #2
    400 rush yds Corey Dillon bobbler, Sdtk SEGA #3 (Daytooona)

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Bobble Heads

    After you unlock a bobble head doll you can go to the case and use the left analog stick to turn it and the right analog stick to bobble the head

  • Xbox | Submitted by americanbowl91

    Easy Sack

    When you're on defense make the d-line go to the left and take your right defensive end and put him between the left D-end and the left tackle and chose the left defensive end, when the quarter back hikes the ball it leaves the left D-end wide open (on a pass) to sack the QB almost every time. There are points in a game when I'd have at least 20 sacks