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Fear The Escapists: Walking Dead, because it's out next week

After watching a few episodes of The Walking Dead, pretty much everybody thinks they can be a better survivor than Rick Grimes. Now you can prove it. The Escapists: The Walking Dead releases on PC and Xbox One on September 30, and it comes with ample chances to save (or doom) your favorite characters.

The crossover game fuses the procedurally generated prison break action of The Escapists with a rough narrative outline from The Walking Dead comics. You'll control Rick Grimes as he escapes the hospital, gathers with his family and new comrades at the farm, and holes up in the abandoned prison (in a startling reversal of standard Escapists procedure). Along the way you'll need to complete dangerous tasks to keep your group healthy and have an escape plan ready for when it all inevitably goes south. Oh, and don't get eaten.

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