Endless Ages Cheats

Endless Ages Hints

  • PC | Submitted by MaryJane

    Various Hints

    Weapon Tech 1-6
    Acid gun and shoot Gotes at Blog camp. Acid gun is a rapid fire weapon so more points per time. Gotes meat will cure/heal really well if used like potion, or you can sell them for a good bit of money.
    Weapon Tech 7+
    Go to Four Falls. Walk straight out the front exit, then got right a little you will find some Uato's. Three of them in a feild. Now walk towards a hill and you will find a clift with a stone temple on it. you can snipe the Uato's and run up the clift or fly, and they can not follow, the slip on the step clift. fly and snipe, or snipe and run back to kill them. They are hard to kill, but you can sucker three of them to follow you, and level up and sell the meat.
    Buy level 7, 8, 9 weapons in player stores in Four Falls. See Below about stores/players homes.....
    Alch - Buy Gina root, make potions, potions usually sell for a little under what they cost to make, so you can either use them, or sell them at a lost and make more potions. you should be able to get to level 8 alch in 2 days solid if you make nothing but potions.
    If you get bored Vualt all your items at a bank. You do not need a NPC. Remember to hit ESC and click Vualt.
    Stores/Players Homes
    When you find player homes, even if the door is locked, walk up to it and hit ESC and click Store. You can get great items really cheap.
    Stay away from IIA untill your level 10 or higher with non drop items. Every thing here is hostile.
    On same note should you ever appear on a gray platform in the ocean, go back. This is a trap cause if you drop in the water you will be sniped by a baddie MOB (Monster).
    You can not Hide while riding a pet. This will allow you to level up Hide very quickly.
    Level up magic to level three then find some one in Boom Town/Unified Town to train you higher.
    To level up Shape Shifting use Macro Scheduler with this script.....
    Use KeyText for bouse button scripts.
    Macro Scheduler trial runs out in 30 days, try to get Shape Sifting up to Level 11 so you can go to Four Falls and buy an ORB of Shrite, don't pay more than 10000 for it.
    If your dead body falls though a floor or a house, or you get in a locked house through a clipping error, go to point of entry , or center of house and exit the game, and then login again. Your player will appear in the map before the houses do, so you will fall through the house to get out, or get your items.
    Your dead body will last up to but no longer than two hours. If you were killed Shaped Shift, do not reform!!! This destroys the dead shape shift body and all items are lost.
    Bank money and items often.

  • PC | Submitted by Evolution

    Leveling Tactics

    If you are weapon technology level 5-7 you can go to sial island and on the last house of safe-zone border you can see uatos in the field ahead. shoot the uatos, then run behind the roof of the house to where you can just barely be able to see their heads and shoot at their horns with a weak gun.
    If you are weapon technology level 9-11 you can go to the Death Valley side of Blobic Colonly bridge, then pass the pack of goats to the right and you will find a village of elites, stand on the tip of the huts there and stack the elites there, bring heals because you will get hit, but not for the full effect